5 Productivity Apps Every Founder Should Have on Their Phone

The advancements in technology within last few years have revolutionized the world and there is no doubt to say that it has a great impact on our routine lives. One of the major boosts due to technology has been observed in work habits of employees as now so many tools (such as apps) are available to complete even the difficult tasks in much easier manner. It helps to manage the time, increase productivity as well the performance is well improved.

One interesting thing is here to know that the ability to do jobs perfectly has also lead to workload in the life of employees as multi tasking nature is always appreciated in corporate sector. If you are also feeling like the work pressure has been increased by great amount and you are not able to perform effectively then all entrepreneurs need to take something best out of technology that can help them to accomplish routine tasks easily.

Here we are talking about some latest mobile apps that are designed to increase productivity of entrepreneurs and it can help users to keep track of their responsibilities in much better manner. Just pick your mobile phone and download some of these most useful apps that are especially recommended for founders. Once you get these applications of your smartphone then soon it will increase productivity and it will become much easier to complete the tasks on time.

Here are some details about five best applications that every founder must have on his mobile:

1. Evernote


Evernote’Productivity Apps - Evernotes web app is now also available on mobile and its creative notebook can help users to manage all routine needs in much better manner such as calendar, expenses, trips and presentations etc. No matter whether you are worried about the business expenses to wish to get a proper track of personal expenses; it is now much easier to manage all the receipts at one place with Evernote.
This latest application will help you to become the most organized person and the best thing to know is that as you start adding note to this app, it starts becoming more and more useful for you in routine life.

You can take snapshots of all important documents at your office and insert them all into your digital notebook; it will help you to get rid of all stress for finding the important details for the next time.

You can tag the notes as per need and access them later during meetings.


2. Letterspace


Productivity Apps - LetterspaceIt is really a challenging task for all the entrepreneurs to manage all the important decisions related to company’s future in between all the routine life stress. It may sometime lead to a wrong decision due to any negligence on some responsibilities.

Although very few entrepreneurs may feel good to take notes on daily basis but if you have a digital setup for completing this task then it can appear quite interesting.

Letterspace is a free and easy to use note taking application where people can use hashtags just to organize their stuff so that an easy interface can be created for routine life.  One most interesting feature of Letterspace is that its cursor sits perfectly above keyboard so that users can easily edit paragraphs whenever they want.

It works like a simple to switch typo that help entrepreneurs to get rid from routine life workload and messed schedule.


3. Humin


Productivity Apps - HuminThe success of any entrepreneur depends upon his abilities to make better connections because it works like their biggest potential for growth of business, for funding as well as for partnerships.

Although entrepreneurs are very well trained to do networking and they can conduct various meetings in effective manner but with such a busy schedule it become difficult to remember people after meeting them.

If you are also facing same problem and are not able to manage your huge connections then Humin is the right option for you as it can control your business platform with better connectivity.

All that you need to do is insert quick information about the person relating to how and where you people met and save it to Humin.

Later it will help you to stay in touch with all your new and old contacts and the best part is that Humin can easily combine your contacts, voice mailbox as well as dialing so that you can count on your most important contacts for business growth.


4. Listen


Productivity Apps - ListenOne more application to boost your productivity is Listen that is developed by well known firm – RealNetworks. This latest application is designed with ring back tone type technology so that your incoming calls can be well handled when you are busy in meetings.

The updated version 2.0 of this application is also able to support SMS capabilities that can work with incoming text messages as well as for inbound phone calls. It is also possible to customize SMS as well as voice call responses to specific contacts.

You will be glad to know that with the latest version of Listen users are able to integrate their calendar with meetings and the automatic location detection feature serves with generation of messages depending upon your geographic location.

One safe feature of Listen helps you to inform your callers as well as texters that you are in drive mode.


5. Workflow


Productivity App - WorkflowOne of the biggest challenges in front of every entrepreneur is time management for building a successful enterprise. The tactics to manage workflow in organized manner help business owners to utilize their time more effectively and they are able to generate more productivity.

With this latest application named as Workflow, you can prioritize you’re your important tasks while bypassing the tasks that are just waste of time. For example, this application can help you to book your taxi first and then arrange the call for someone at home.

There is a single button and one well organized platform on Workflow that can mange almost all types of routine activities for entrepreneurs. Just a single click of button will help you to complete all your tasks on right time with right order.

Do you use any useful apps for increasing productivity?

Get in touch with me here. I’d love to know what apps are being used!


Munif Ali