MPowerLive: Consumerism is Costly!


Throughout human history, people have been mostly concerned with the basic needs required for their survival. Food, water, and shelter have been the basic needs until recently. Beyond that, there comes a point of having something just for the sake of having it.

It’s been probably the last 150 years that we have gone beyond the basic necessities, including ‘luxury’ into the basic human needs of modern life. In the previous ages, the aristocrats and other classes kept wealth but they were never more than 1% of the total population that probably owned 70-80% of the land and commerce.

But the human condition has drastically changed now. If you look at the basic food, water, and shelter as being the basic premise, most modern human beings are living longer and in better conditions today. But the definitions of basic necessities have also changed since. Now food means gourmet, luxury, and variety. Now we tend to buy more and even within the food itself there’s so much food wastage is taking place in the developed countries, including the United States.

But the developing countries still have hunger issues, while we and our household (in the US) are probably having more food than we actually need. So, we have to ask ourselves if we actually need what we have, or how are we utilizing it?

Let’s take water for example. Consumerism has driven us to the point where we carry these plastic bottles all over. If you look at what we’re doing to the ocean and everything, we’re carrying these water bottles.

Just 20 years ago, nobody was carrying water bottles around. People were drinking tap water. Indeed, there’re some rare cases where water is unhealthy. But isn’t it ironic that we carry bottles of water wherever we go and actually pay for what is already abundant in nature?

People are no longer contented with shelters. A majority of them are living way beyond their means because they want to impress others with big houses, while in the poorer parts of the world, their counterparts are squished and holed entire families in small houses – if they’re lucky to have one.

Industrialization really changed the plight of the average human being around the world. Now everything is mass-produced at an astonishingly cheap rate. Think about how computers – once a luxury item – have become affordable over time. A vehicle, which was once considered a luxury item, is now accessible to almost everyone.

It’s crazy but industrialism has made it very easy to be consumer-driven to consume constantly. Just look at the last era. What has happened during the last 50 years to our mindset!

With the advent of television, people were driven to be entertained by the box and family sat around for tv dinner to see what the outside world wanted you to see and experience.

Today, we got hydro-connected to the outside world. The phone – and more so iPhone – really connected us and caused us to be a socially super intertwined society where everything is driven through social media, commercials, and news.

Consumerism has literally taken over, bombarding us with email campaigns, commercials, text messages trying to capture our attention. The number one thing you have to do is to understand how all of this works into what we have become now.

How much food do we waste in a week, or month? Now we look at expiry dates and toss things out after a day or two even if they look good. If the tomato doesn’t look beautiful and red, it doesn’t even hit the supermarket.

Think about how conscious we have become lately, and how much wastage are we doing to the food and water.

When I go on my daily walks, I’m astonished to see the overflowing water from the people’s lawns, while a lot of people around the world have to carry water on their heads and walk miles. How many kids don’t have freshwater, while we (in the US) are so much concerned about our green lawns?

People are straining not only to buy but to live in places where they feel good, going far beyond the basics. Do we really need a 20,000 sq/foot home, with a swimming pool inside? Indeed, consumerism is at its highest.

Society as a whole has changed its outlook because of the COVID. But if we don’t get out of this era now, with less stuff with more thought about how we can use and utilize natural resources, or how we can cut down on wastage and spending, then this time of being disconnected hasn’t really helped us.

So utilize this time to take a quick inventory and realign yourself: are you wasting food, water, or are you over-sheltered? Are you putting too much emphasis on keeping up with Joneses?
Consumerism is at its worst is so that you can feel that you’re constantly trying to get to the next level. What you really need to do is to realign yourself with your goals. Reestablish what’s important to you in your life. Look at your spending, and see how much food, water, and shelter you really need. Then try to really cut down on your expenses, spending, and try to make use of that money into good causes like charity.

Understanding is that fulfillment really needs to come from the heart. Consume, but consume things that are going to uplift society and this planet.


MPowerLive: How to stay focused on your GOALS

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about how to stay focused on your goals. Right now, the whole world wants your attention. Every beep, chime, every time there is an email, there’s a ding. Every time there’s a text message, you get it on your phone now. Every time you get in your car, your phone is connected to your car. You can’t escape the lack of focus that’s going on. The human attention span is decreasing.

I was looking at one thing and it said that we have less of an attention span than goldfish. Something like less than nine seconds and a goldfish has a little bit more of an attention span like one second more than the average American adult. That is crazy.

When you think about it. Focus is really hard. Focus is really expensive. And a lot of people will be very, very focused in the beginning, the beginning of their journey, the beginning of their relationship, the beginning of their job, the beginning of starting something new. Everybody’s talking smack in the beginning. “Hey, y’all, I’m getting ready to do this. Hey, I just met this wonderful person and it’s going so well. I just started a new job. I have this concept or app that I want to start,” right? In the beginning, everybody is a hero. In the beginning, everybody likes to talk crap and smack. “I’m going to do this.”

How many people you know that starts that, “I’m gonna. I’m going to. I will,” right? And then, next thing you know, boom, right? You meet ‘em at one Christmas or one Thanksgiving and they’re telling you all these bold dreams and goals, right? You listen. Unless they have a track record of accomplishing things, you’re kind of like, “Okay.”
Then, the next year comes around. The next time you get together. The next Fourth of July picnic. I’m talking like there’s no COVID because this will go away. This indeed will pass as well. But the next year you get together, “Oh, what happened to that person that you started dating, that you were head over heels about?” “Oh, okay. Oh, this is a new person? Okay. All right.”
Then, the next year, it’s like, “Oh, what happened to that restaurant you started? Oh, you never got it off the ground, okay. What happened to that new job you were excited about? Oh, you left that job. You’re on your third one now?” It’s constant.

So, instead of talking a lot of smack– and if you watch like boxing, have you ever seen boxing or MMA and the two opponents come together and one is very professional, doesn’t say much about, you know, attacking the person’s character, their abilities, you know, their capabilities. They don’t talk much about, you know, crap about their families or any one of that. I’ve been watching MMA for a long time and there are a lot of smack talkers, right? “I’m going do this. I’m going do that. I’m going to beat you down on the first round.” You know, these are things, you know, sometimes that’s utilized to sell fights, right? Or, they compare, you know, “I’m this way and I’m better blah, blah, blah” but the true essence of whatever they’re talking about gets diminished or at least proven in that ring. When they step in, all bets are off, right? Or, all bets are on depending on how that goes.

But a lot of times the people who are quiet, who stay focused, are the winners unless the person that is doing all that smack talking gets into their head. So, don’t let distractions get into your head. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

You see, competition is really an evil thing. When you start to compete with people, you start to look at yourself as either better than or your insecurities come out. So, one of the first things you want to do is stop talking smack in the beginning of your journey about what you’re going to do and go inside yourself and really find out why you want this, why is it important to you. Really, spend time in solitude, drawing out a plan, and then executing it.

The other thing you must stop doing is comparing yourself to other people’s successes. Quite often, now, all across social media, you see the entrepreneur against a nice Rolls Royce or everybody’s taking pictures in front of private jets. I see so many entrepreneurs on Instagram and on Facebook next to a private jet. Some of them– you know, I wonder, do you own the jet? Did you rent it? Did you just take a picture? Is it a photo op? Because, if we look you up on Social Blade, you’re not making that much money. I’m not really sure how that’s being done.
And a lot of people flaunt. They sell things. They want that image, right? Well, a fool can spend but a wise person will go ahead and save and only utilize what they need, right?
And so, stop comparing because it makes you unhappy. No matter if you want to admit it or not. And it’s happened. It’s happened to me where I’ve been in real estate for nearly 25 years, at this point. And I’m seeing people in real estate flaunt all of this. But I’ve always learned that if they’re flaunting, they may not be the best businesspeople.
So, understanding that comparisons only cause you stress. The only person that you need to compete with would be you. The only person that you need to really establish competition with is you – being 1% better, not perfect.

You see, a lot of people look for perfection and compare themselves to someone else because they have that perfect relationship, that perfect life, that perfect family. Just because your family doesn’t look like chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV, just because your kitchen at home ain’t mint perfect, just because you can’t cook like Martha Stewart, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy. Stop comparing yourself with people that are socalled idols establishing and doing things that you think are great or extraordinary. They’re just human beings like you and I.

If you want someone to compete with, compete with you. If I get 1% better today, in 100 days, I’m 100% better. So, establish that competition is wrong. You see somebody else closing more sales, and you want to go after that person, and want to compete against that person. You want to establish your dominion over that person.

Just a couple of years ago, I was on track with one of my companies and very, very focused on establishing a presence and establishing and being the dominant factor. Then, I stopped to say, “You know what? I want to run the best company that I possibly can without even worrying about everybody else in the field.” Establish what you’re there for. And I was there to serve. We were there not to compete but to collaborate. We were there to effectively be the ones that people trusted in the community. So, knowing and utilizing that aspect of, “I’m not here to compete with anyone else but myself.”

The factor that I hear quite a lot is success leaves clues. And that could be used as competition. And, really, you know, being very focused on what somebody else is doing. Success leaves clues, so I’m going to follow all the clues that this person is doing. That’s great but use a magnifying glass – really delve into the kind of things that they’re doing, admire the process, and change some aspects without becoming someone else.

Why did I say magnifying glass? If success leaves clues, then study the clues. Study what the patterns are and stop comparing yourself to the competition, right? You’re going to copy the good things and the trades, but you’re not going to start to go, “I’m going to become someone else.”

So that’s how you stay focused in one way instead of running around after everyone else. And, “Oh! Oh my god, they started a blog. Let me start a blog. Oh my god, they’re on Facebook advertising, let me jump on that.” Now, if it worked for them and you can look at all the minute details on how and why, then copy some of those. That’s fine. But you’re not going to become that. Your value proposition is completely different, right?

So, whatever your goal is, start to really focus in on your traits and your goals. Set milestones for yourself. “Okay. I’m here. What do I need to do? Do I need to correct things or am I on a trajectory to go ahead and accomplish my goals? Do I need to step back a little bit to go forward? Do I need to reconsider this or that?” Set milestones along the way and that helps you focus better. Little periods and then refocus, every day. And then, refocus. Every day, look at your goals. Look at your why’s and establish something that you need to get to the next level. And it’s constant improvement.

And, when you finally get to the finish line, understand there really is no finish line. Yes, you have accomplished one goal in your life. Now, set the target on the next one. That’s how you stay focused.

Otherwise, what ends up happening is, as soon as you cross that finish line, you’ve accomplished that one goal, 20 pounds, or whatever it was – 30 pounds, to look better, to fit into this and to that, make sure that you set another milestone for yourself or you’re going to go backwards. That’s how a lot of people end up losing a ton of weight and then going backwards because they thought they just finished. And life just keeps going until your last day eventually meets you, right? So, you just continue to strive. And that’s part of the human psyche. We all want growth. So, the next time you cross that finish line, accomplish a goal, look beyond that finish line and establish real hardcore reasons why you want to continue to do so.
So, are you ready? Are you prepared? And let me ask you. Unlimited is a state of mind. Are you unlimited? Go get it.


MPowerLive: The right way to accomplish your GOALS

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about the right ways to accomplish your goal.

Quite often I would accomplish a goal and never get a sense of accomplishment or a sense of happiness or gratitude when I was younger, so I would just go from one goal to the next goal. What I’ve learned is there’s a right way to cross that finish line. There’s a right way to start the race. There’s a right way to run the race. And there’s a right way to cross that finish line.
That’s with a small celebration enough to make you feel like you’ve done right. The other thing is you’ve got to run right through that ribbon. You see, if you ever run track, or track and field, and/or a marathon, or a 5K, or anything, you understand that a lot of people just see that finish line and they’re just, “Uh, I’ve got to get to it.” And then, the moment they step across, that’s it.
But if you ever watch a real skilled champion, someone who is in the top 10 in their league or division, when they run across that tape, they burn that tape out. They finish so strong that that tape kind of goes with that particular person. That’s the right way to run a race. So, you accomplish it.

You don’t just stop after accomplish, run right through the ribbon and then celebrate. Take your victory lap. Go ahead and raise your arms up and get the applause. Because you finished that race, have something of meaning, some kind of a reward, some type of accolade, some type of connection to, “I just achieved something.”
But here’s the here’s the tricky part. You lost 10 pounds, you lost 20 pounds, and that was your goal. Now, I’m going to go celebrate with a big fat cake. Sounds crazy, right? But so many people do it. So many people are just so glad that they got to the goal that they go backward in celebration.

I’ve seen this, time and again, where people are like, “Yes, I got that job,” right? Yes, I got that job. Now, I could just chill out. Yes! I got that promotion. Now, I could just ease up. Yes! I got that listing. Yes! I closed that deal. Now, let’s go and celebrate.” So, I get drunk. I get plastered. I go and do things that I’m not supposed to do. And the next day I show up late to that same job. The next day, I forget to call that person I was supposed to call the next day because, you know, starting out a relationship, you got to wherever you wanted the relationship to go and now, you know, you start to forget things, right? You started that business. You were so happy you got your license. You’re so happy you got the listings. Now, you forget because you over celebrate.
This is going to sound like an alcohol commercial but you’ve got to celebrate responsibly. You’ve got to celebrate so that you don’t go backward. You’ve got to celebrate so that you don’t lose focus. You have to celebrate so that you still understand why you got to the goal in the first place.

So, it’s cool to pop bubbly and get champagne and all that but, realize, you’ve got to get right back to work because what’s at stake is your goal itself. You could go so far backward. I mean, look at great people in history who were the best boxer, the best athlete, and they celebrated a little too much and it became part of their lifestyle, or they accomplish something huge. They came back from some foreign country with a whole bunch of gold medals. And next thing, you see them in the media. Next thing, you see them in the news because they didn’t celebrate responsibly. They went way overboard. So, celebrate responsibly.

You lost, you know, 20 pounds. That was your goal. You wanted that one meal as a cheat meal or as a reward meal, great, but do it in a in a way that’s responsible. Do it in a way that responsible in that, “Okay. I’m going to have that one little dessert. I’m not going to have the whole cake. I’m going to and have that one little piece. I’m going to enjoy that one little piece or I’m going to enjoy that one, you know, little slice” whatever it is.

You know, it’s funny, I watch certain celebrities have cheat meals and they’re downing like, I don’t know, 10,000 calories at a sitting. And they’ve got, you know, a whole bunch of pancakes or whatever. And people think, “Okay. When I get to where I’m getting to, I can consume now.” Well, first of all, you’ve got to look at how much work they do. And you’ve got to look at how large or how big their body structure is, or how their case might be different from you. So, don’t look at other people’s examples of celebration as your celebration.

Then, set an after action. What is the after action? So, “Okay, I achieved the goal. I finished the race. I went right through the finish line and I’ve celebrated. Now, I have to see, “Okay, how badly do I want to keep this goal?” because all goals need to be maintained. Got that job, got to maintain it. Got that promotion, got to maintain it. Opened that business, you have to maintain it. So, set an action report so that you continue to maintain that while you say “Next!” to the next goal.

It’s really critical and important, you don’t lose sight of what you just accomplished. Whether it’s two weeks. Whether it’s a month. Whether it’s six months, somewhere along the line, you could end up going backwards on that goal, so maintenance is really important.

Listen, I give you content every single day. And it comes from my heart. It comes from my experiences of being an entrepreneur. I had three jobs in high school. That’s a lot of different jobs. And, you know, I worked at a movie theater, I worked at a clothing store. I worked at a business form company. And all of that throughout, basically, high school, from the ninth grade until I graduated, I was working somewhere between 25 and up to 30 to 40 hours, sometimes, and still, you know, accomplishing all the stuff in high school. You know, I had good grades. I was on the honor roll. Did all that and played some sports.

The ability to be able to do all those things wasn’t given to me. Nobody told me what to do. I didn’t have a lot of direction, or even role models, but I started to look at the people that either built those businesses I worked for, as an example, or the people that had achieved great status within those companies.

And I looked. And success leaves clues, so I started to really, really look at how people were doing it. And, you know, I’ve had bumps. I’ve had bruises. I failed many, many times. So, most of the content that I give you is from my experience. So, hopefully, if you connect with it, if it resonates with you, if you know somebody that could utilize it, if it’s helpful to you, go ahead and send me a comment, if you have a question, but do end up liking or, at the very least, subscribing. So, put a little pressure on that subscribe button so that my content continues, my channel continues to grow, if it’s giving you back value. And that’s from the heart.

Going back to the next modality that you need to think about is the next concept. You’ve achieved something. Now, it’s time to bring your energy back together and think about the next things in life.

Far too often, I think people get to a place and then they don’t say “Next.” What’s my next goal? What’s the next hill? What’s the next journey? What’s the next thing that I could do to bring value?”
What they do is, “I got it. I put a ring on it so now I got her, so I don’t need to work for the relationship. I got him so I don’t need to work for that relationship. I got the job, so now I can skate.” Have that in your mindset that, “No, you never skate. You put in what you get out. If you put in shallow effort, guess what, you get shallow results.” If you have a random tactic to life, then you get random results. Plan out everything and put full effort into it.

So, I ask you, are you ready? Are you prepared?

And, lastly, unlimited is always a state of mind and not a destination. So, I ask you, are you unlimited? Go get it


MPowerLive: Five Steps to Becoming Consistent and getting things Done!

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I am here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.

In this particular video, I’m going to show you five ways to stay more consistent and get stuff done all of the time. Now, the stuff part, I was going to fill in with a curse word, but I do know that people watch my content and sometimes it’s kids and teachers and stuff like that. So, if you want to use the material, I’m taking that part out.

Now, truth be told, if you look at these five steps and you apply them, your life will become more consistent. And so, if it is helpful to you, definitely, let us know what you think of the material I’m about to present right now.

So, the five ways to get stuff done all the time and establish consistency is, number one, you have to understand that motivation, drive, commitment, consistency all boils down to a whole mindbody experience. What do I mean by that? If you don’t have a healthy body, it’s hard to have a healthy mind. If you don’t have the energy needed to have that vigor, that drive, that commitment– think about it, are you likely to be consistent or have the energy when you’re tired, right, when you’re run down, when you don’t feel good, when you’re lethargic – you’re not likely to continue on the journey of having consistency.

And this is not about diet. But, honestly, it’s about getting your exercise in, right? You need movement. Human beings need movement. And when I was looking at this and researching what I was going to talk about, there wasn’t a lot of people that explained that your body and your mind has to be functioning at an optimal level. Optimal. Not that you’re going to be, you know, some ultradistance marathoner. I’m not asking you for that. I’m saying, understand that, if you have a strong body, you have a strong mind. Have you ever had a cold, or an illness, or a cut, or a bruise, or a pain? How was your concentration? How was your focus then, right? Not so good.

And it’s so funny because you could have a finger that hurts and your mind goes to that finger all the time, right? All the time, while you’re trying to do something. So, even if something is out of whack a little bit, your blood pressure’s not right. You’ve got high blood pressure. You’ve got different ailments. So, definitely, take responsibility of exercise – of daily exercise.
And eating habits. Now, this is not about vegan, or nonvegan, or keto, and all this other stuff that’s going on. You know, eat a lot more whole foods. Yep, eat a lot more whole foods from organic sources. Cut down on garbage carbs like bread, and wheat, and all these things. Limit your intake of food that doesn’t make you feel good.

Exercise, experiment, because every human being is different. But I can tell you eat more whole foods. I could tell you don’t eat out of a box or a can. So, start to really look at that. Exercise, nutrition, all of those things, number one. That’s how you establish consistency. You have a strong body; therefore, you have a strong mind.

I went through a period where I had a really bad neck and back pain. And I still carry neck and back pain. But what I ended up doing is I started to move a lot more, not great levels, but just walking and that starts to take some of the pain and the inflammation away. And, you know, it was really hard for me, during that period, because, financially, there was a lot of things going on. You know, it was the great real estate crash and I’m heavily invested in real estate. So, it took me a while. But the stronger I became, the healthier I became, the easier it was. And that’s why I say that’s rule number one.

The other thing is keeping your eyes on the prize. And I want you to remember this. Step two, eyes on the prize. I want you to tweak it a little bit – why’s on the prize, right? Why’s on the prize. Not as in being wise, or being not wise, or dumb, or whatever. I’m talking about why’s – knowing that your why is part of the prize. So, understanding why you want consistency. And if it is superficial, you’re going to fall off. If it doesn’t hold your attention, you’re going to fall off. If it’s not important, you’re going to fall off. So, having your eye on the prize and having your why on the prize.
And also knowing that, if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one. True story. My family has two little bunnies, you know, and we’ve had them for years now. And my kids really, really love them. One is Bugsy and the other one is Bambi. And they run around all over the yard. And when it comes time to feed them or sometimes get them in a cage, occasionally, if it’s raining or whatever because they’re cage free, it’s hard to catch both, right, and even with all the kids running around all over the yard. It’s the same in life. And that’s 100% real. It is a fact. If you chase many, many goals around you’re not going to end up accomplishing anything. So, clarity of vision is really, really important. So, eyes on the prize – why’s on the prize.

And then, schedule yourself to focus on the activities needed so you could get better, so that you can accomplish more. So, whatever you’re falling off on, here and there, if you schedule it, it’s important. If you schedule it, it’s going to happen. So, every productivity person out there will tell you scheduling for success is needed. It’s part of the planning process. So, every single day, schedule some time out so that you can be consistent.

You want to stick to a meal plan but the moment you get hungry, you make bad decisions. So, plan it out, right? Make your meals ahead of time. Schedule those out. Put a little sticky note on there saying, “Hey, this is my meal for 10 o’clock. This is my meal for four o’clock. This is my meal–” And now I don’t have to think. I don’t have to walk into the kitchen. Especially now with COVID and everybody’s at home, right, especially now since everybody’s virtual, they’ve got this– you know, I could guarantee you, America, if not the world, is a lot heavier, a lot more out of shape than they were going into this thing because so many people are at home and having trouble.

So, understanding, if I just walk into the kitchen and I just grab a snack– remember, random behavior, right, random acts lead to random behavior. And then, therefore, a random life. So, if I just walk into a kitchen and I’m hungry, I’m going to grab whatever I have. But, if I planned it out, right, and I time blocked for the planning, now, I ensure more success.
The other thing, number four, is get back on track when you fall. Falling is guaranteed. Guarantee that one day you wake up– for example, I take cold showers in the morning, every morning, each morning, every single day. No matter if it’s hot. No matter if it’s cold. Every time, that’s the first thing I do. Now, sometimes, I will fall off. Sometimes, I don’t feel like it. Sometimes, I’m groggy. Sometimes, I don’t want to do it. If I miss a day, I have to force myself to do it the next day.

Studies show that, if you fall off the first time, you have a 15% chance. Fall off the second time, you have a 30% chance. The third time, you have a 90% chance not to go back to that habit. So. try not to miss more than one day of consistency, if not two, but get right back on.

A lot of people are really hard on themselves. “Ah, I messed up. Now, I’m not going to do it.” Go back right on track. So, get back on when you fall off real quickly. You’ve got three days. You’ve got three times. You’ve got three efforts to get yourself back on track because, after day number three, day number three is already 90%, right, 90% chance you’re going to continue that pattern. So, get back on track as soon as you can.

And, lastly, I want you guys to kind of share with me what your experiences have been. What kind of things have you been consistent about, right, routinely? And is that part of your habit? And how did you accomplish that?

Listen, every single day we bring you fresh content. It takes a lot. And if my I was not on my prize, if my why wasn’t part of this, I wouldn’t be able to scale every single day giving you content. But it comes from here because, somewhere along the line, I understood that my mission was really clear. It’s to help more people. It’s to establish better leaders. It’s to give back from whatever I have learned.

So, in giving you that, if you connect with the content, please go ahead and like it and share it. Comment. If you have questions, we’ll get right back to you. Or, you know, just send this out to someone that’s having trouble maintaining consistency.
So, last course of action, accountability. Let me explain why. We, as human beings, have developed over a long period of time. And regardless of what your religious beliefs are, think about this, if we got kicked out of our tribe, chances are we wouldn’t survive in any environment. So, being a part of a village or a tribe was essential and important for not only the social aspect but also their survival aspect, right? One single person, out there in the tundra, out there in the jungle, out there in the desert. You’re far more powerful in a group. So, it’s easy to be lazy when you’re alone.
And how many people have experienced that, right? It’s easy to watch Netflix. It’s easy to watch Netflix and just chill. It’s easy to go ahead and do nothing when you’re at home.
But, when you have someone else around, notice, you don’t want to appear as lazy as you are, right? And I say this in the kindest way because all of us human beings have this. Now, if you add accountability to it, just having someone there is greater than not having someone there at all. So, pick an accountability partner. This is why I believe in coaching. The greatest people in the world would not be where they are without some coaching.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a paid coach. You don’t have to download a program, or do this, or do that. Start off with an accountability partner – someone you know, love, like trust, or just are acquainted to and say, “You know what? I’m supposed to make X number of calls today. I’m supposed to not eat this. At the end of the day, can we have a conversation? I want you to hold me accountable.” Or, you all show up at the same time, at the same backyard to work out. Or, you know, you hold that person accountable and they hold you accountable. Accountability will help you get more consistent and keep it.

Now, tell me, if you apply these five measures, let me know how it works out for you because I’m genuinely concerned if you get great value out of this.
So, are you ready? Are you prepared? And, lastly, unlimited is a state of mind. You could do anything you want to as long as you want it bad enough. You can accomplish anything in life as long as you’re headstrong and disciplined, as long as you understand why you want that.

Consistency is a skill. Discipline is a skill. Leadership is a skill – a skill that everyone can achieve. I have firm faith and commitment in the process, and I know you can, too.
So, are you unlimited? Go get it.


MPowerLive: Stop making excuses! 3 ways to stop making excuses in your life!

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about excuses. And not just how to stop making them, but I’m going to show you some points, some ways that you can better your life by eliminating or, at the very least, decreasing the amount of excuses you have in your life. So, at the end of the video, you should be picking up at least three tips that I have to diminish these things called excuses.
The fact of the matter is that everybody around you has these excuses. People think that excuses are an answer to something. People will make the most crazy excuses. It’s the craziest thing when I hear people go, “I can’t lose weight because I’m big boned.” “What? You’re big boned? That’s crazy because I’ve never seen a fat skeleton in my life. I don’t know about you.” People will say, “I can’t get a job because I’m from this neighborhood, or I’m this particular color, or I have this racial background, or this religious background, or because I’m a woman, or because I’m gay, or because I’m a man.” All this stuff.

No. The crazy thing about excuses is, if you repeat them enough, if you talk about them enough, if you share them enough, then they start to become the most sinister of things which is they start to become real. What you imagine becomes true. That’s what Pablo Picasso said. What you can imagine will become true. Think about that. Everything you imagine is real if you put energy into it. And so, excuses go from being fabricated and, essentially, being a lie to becoming your truth because you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Excuses are true because you put power and energy behind it. When the fact of the matter is, yes, it could be true that you didn’t get that job based on the color of your skin. It could be true that you didn’t get it because you’re a woman. You didn’t get it because you were gay. It could be true that you didn’t get that opportunity of how you look. It could be true, right?
But somewhere, someone around this beautiful world we live in, has the same background, the same color, the same race, the same religion, the same creed, the same sexual orientation, or the same sex, and they’re killing it and crushing it. What was their excuse? You should look at that because, this day and age, while there are people that will close doors of opportunity to you, based on all the variable excuses, there are other people who will open doors for you. There are other ways that you, yourself, can get over those hurdles.
So yes, indeed, there are people out there that start to hem and haw and make excuses about why they can’t get a job. And then, I look at it. Well, how many times did you apply? Well, I applied five times and all five of them told me no because I’m XYZ.

How about trying 10 times? How about putting in 30 applications. You know, my son recently graduated college and we’re in this whole COVID thing. Obviously, businesses are suffering. Commerce is suffering. Commerce is suffering greatly. Restaurants are being closed down. Transportation industry is hit. We know all of those things, right? But here’s a young man, he comes back, and he starts to apply for jobs. And it’s hard. And 50 job applications later, competing with people with college degrees, and master’s degrees, and MBAs, he finally gets a job at application number 52. So, if you think about that, had he stopped at application number five. And I was hearing the, “I’ve tried this. I’m doing this you.” You’ve got to try more sometimes.
So, instead of allowing your excuses to become the number one reason why you don’t have something, start to look at why it is. Most of it is based on insecurities. I don’t have this because– I’m going to– it’s basically playing the blame game and having victim mentality towards it. “I can’t do this.”
Now, one of the sayings that I have in the brokerage that I operate is, “It’s not the gym. It’s the workout.” Have you ever seen people that will always blame the gym? You know, my gym doesn’t have that one hamstring machine and that’s why I’m kind of imbalanced here.

Then, you look around and you see guys on the internet that are just doing calisthenics at children’s parks. You know, grown men utilizing bars in calisthenics to get absolutely shredded. No protein powder, sometimes. No nutrition advice, sometimes. No, you know, creatine taken, right?
Look at this guy Hannibal– and shout out to you, Hannibal. Here’s this guy, in New York somewhere, who is ripped to the bone. No excuses. All he’s doing is working out. Now, you could say, “I don’t have all day to work out.” It depends on what your priority is, right? But he doesn’t have a gym and he’s carved and chiseled. You could blame it on genetics. “Oh my god, he’s just genetically wired to look like that.” He does one pull up and, all of a sudden, you know, muscles are popping out everywhere. But the fact of the matter is, there’s this whole movement of people that are in calisthenics, practicing on bars all over the world, ripped. It’s not the gym. It’s your workout.

So, when you start to look at things, you will see that, for every silly excuse you have, there’s someone doing great things with the same excuses you had. It’s about really outhustling and out grinding your own excuses, not other people. I don’t say compete, “with other people.” I say, “compete with you.”
So, you know, it’s funny because I’m approaching the big 50, right? I’ve just had a birthday. I’m getting closer to the 50 mark. And I am always energetic about my goals because I’m so happy that I get the opportunity to accomplish them. I wake up with a smile and a grind. I go to sleep tired because I’m always constantly focused on what I want to do.
Now, I’ll tell you, it wasn’t always like that. I came from a neighborhood that always liked to point fingers at the adjoining neighborhood or somebody else or said, “because we were in the condition that we were poor, that we were in a project, that it was somebody else’s game. It was somebody else’s thing. “Oh, because we didn’t get these things.” You know, hundreds of years ago, we didn’t get that. And some of it is true. But guess what, I didn’t, one time, see a whole bunch of people in trench coats come over to my neighborhood and force us to do jack, you know what. They didn’t force us to buy, or sell drugs, or rob each other. They didn’t force us to not work.
And so, I started to learn, I can out hustle and out grind my excuses any day of the week. When I was opening one of my businesses, because it was a franchise and I was told by other franchise owners that it’s not possible, that my business plan wouldn’t work in a particular area. Fast forward, 10 years later, we’re the most successful business in that area we weren’t supposed to be because we had challenges. They looked at it as challenges.

They even told me it was based on race, or connections, or it was based on not having this license or that license that’s based on geography. But guess what, if we would’ve allowed those 10 years to go by, without putting the hustle and grind in, then excuses would have been completely real. The insecurities that they may have about us and our own insecurities would have manifested itself.
So, don’t listen to your own excuses. Matter of fact, when you hear an excuse, the tip number one that I’ll give you is to say the excuse out loud to yourself. Now, you could say it in a closed environment. You could say it somewhere else, but I want you to recite the excuse so that you understand what it sounds like. You see, it can pass off inside your head really easily without notice or you could say them – say them out loud. Go ahead.
I’m not getting funded because, what? I’m not getting that job because– what? I can’t find happiness in my life because of, what? I didn’t have the best upbringing because of, what? Say it out loud. Put a little bit of life into it. And then, I want you to take the next step.
You see, people say that money is the root of all evil. I say, excuses are the root of all evil. You see, if you don’t have any excuses, we would be a more accomplished country. We’d be a more accomplished community, more accomplished city. Wherever you live, people use excuses. They use excuses in such a sinister way that it takes not only man but mankind backwards.
Take responsibility is the next step. Taking responsibility. Once you’ve decided this silly excuse, take responsibility for where you are in life. Once you master responsibility, there’s no excuses that could ever break through.

You know what? I’m gaining weight. It’s not because I’m big boned it. It’s because I cannot control myself around sweets. I can’t seem to control my diet. I can’t seem to get enough exercise. I need to change that.

Taking responsibility makes you more aware of the crap that you’re feeling inside your own head. Taking responsibility makes you a victor and not a victim. Taking responsibility will bring realness to your own conversation.
You see, I’m not ever really worried about saying the excuse out loud like, “Oh my God, you’re bringing it to life.” I’m bringing it to life. So, I can take responsibility because, shortly after I say the excuse, I smile and come up with a solution just as though you were talking to someone else.
And, lastly, taking daily accountability as a measure of being antiexcuses. Taking daily accountability. Notice– because I don’t want you to go a single day without really looking at why these excuses, these insecurities, take place. I want you to realize every single day is an opportunity for you to get over the hurdle, to diminish your excuse, to say, “I can. I will. I shall.”
Instead of looking backward, look forward and engage yourself in daily accountability. Say, “Okay, I made an excuse that my ankle hurt, and I didn’t get any of my cardio in. What could I have done differently because I understand that the big picture is to ultimately lose weight or stay in shape?
This is true. I have a little ankle injury going on right now I’ve got to work around. But if I allow that pain to get to me, if I allow that issue to get to me– I’m not saying I’m going to go running on it. But it’s not the gym, it’s the workout, right? I could do another workout. I could do it in different ways.
So, look at where you are, and take daily accountability in these three steps, right? Understanding the root of why it is – taking responsibility. And, finally, daily accountability will help you get over the hurdle.

Tell me how it is and how it works for you. If you like our content, go ahead and share it smash that like button. Go ahead and subscribe if you want daily content on how to level up your life.
So, I ask you, Are you ready? Are you prepared?
And, lastly, unlimited is a state of mind. Are you unlimited? Go get it


MPowerLive: The inauguration and what it means to you

Hey welcome MPowerlive members,

Today, we are talking about the inauguration. Typically when people think of inaugurating, they think of someone getting sworn in. While I do understand that we as a nation and if not the world is more divided now than we have been in a long time. There is division, actually great division. Division between party lines, political views, color lines and religious lines to only state a few. This is a time of great upheaval, unrest and trials. There’s a lot going on with economics, health, and quite frankly the stability of this country. The world is watching. What I’m about to say is by no means to cause more division or even more discussions than we already have. There is a great many discussions and chats we had to divide us. And I do understand that the world we live in is about “picking sides”.

But today I want utilize the time to say leadership starts with you, with your own family, with your own loved ones. Instead of watching hours of the inauguration, instead of getting into discussions and debates, instead of selecting sides.

Let us understand that the impact politician on your life, particularly your daily life is minimal. Yes, of course I understand the power of voting and the power of voicing your opinion. But what we need to do is focus on inaugurating ourselves every day. To take that oath and do solemnly swear that you will be the best person that you can be on a daily basis.

That you will strive to hold the office of self-control and discipline. That you will in turn be a leader who leads by example. A leader who will go through a great amount of trials and tribulations during this lifetime that you have. You will take the responsibility that is only yours to have without pointing fingers, without playing the victim, without asking anything before giving.

I understand that people are so eager to watch other people living their dreams and wishing themselves to greatness. But instead of waiting for someone to lead you. Become the leader that you were born to be, by inaugurating and promising every day to hold the office of you at the highest standards possible. Not perfect but by learning and evolving. Are you unlimited?

Tomorrow you serve another term. And consecutive terms after that. No inauguration needed.


MPowerLive: Is work ethic is overrated?!

Hey MPowerLive Fam,

So I’m seeing all this crud online about entrepreneur this, and entrepreneur that. It seems as though everyone has the word entrepreneur either in their description or their title. So I know that word means; a person that either operates or owns a business or businesses, at the cost of more than normal risk. That’s an entrepreneur in a nutshell.

Well that’s just the definition anyway. It can be anyone that wants to take a risk and operate a business. Heck, business in itself is a risk. But the glamour and the glitz of the title of entrepreneur is far from just being able to write the words next to your name. You don’t have to be a Elon, Jeff or Bill to be a entrepreneur. You just must be willing to let lay your neck out on the line, and often times all of your finances as well.

Just because you like to do something, doesn’t entitle you to be successful in it. Just because you opened up a business, doesn’t entitle you to be successful in it . Just because you put entrepreneur next to your name doesn’t entitle you to be successful at it either.

The one thing that trumps all things, is your work ethic over the long haul. Work ethic is the number one factor why people succeed. You could totally disagree with me and bring up notions of hard-working people who didn’t make it and use that as a case to show me that work ethic is not the only factor.

And ….I can show you many different cases where people may not have been smart, educated, intelligent, or even had great resources. But they were successful because of their mentality to grind it out and out hustle everyone else.

Show me a student who isn’t really good at school, but has a unwavering to get stuff done. A kid who is a self-starter, is a self learner, and is self-determined to do whatever it takes and has an unbelievable work ethic, and I will show you the next millionaire or billionaire.

In this fluffed up “participation trophy” having world, work ethic goes a long way to be great equalizer. A great equalizer of men and women, from all walks of life, from all socioeconomic situations, from all colors and creeds.

While it might be trendy to hashtag; entrepreneur. Make sure that you understand what it will take to run your self, before you decide to run a business. Hashtag that!




Invest in Your Employees: Give Them Motivation, Happiness

In the last few years, there has been a significant upswing in the idea of investing in your employees. It’s that age-old battle of worrying about investing in an employee and seeing them leave or worse…not investing and having them stick around. So what’s the right way to motivate employees without breaking productivity? Keep reading to learn more about investing in your employees, hiring a motivational speaker, and more.

How Motivated Employees Can Increase Profits

Motivated employees are happy employees and happiness is often the key to success. Let’s face it, when you’re unhappy in your job you work a little slower, sigh a little more, and socialize less. A happy employee is continuously looking for areas to improve, is excited about the day to day, and consistently contributes to a pleasant work environment. Happiness breeds efficiency and as we all know, time is money.

Not only can motivated employees increase your profits but they often contribute so much more. Cultivating a positive environment leads to open discussions, sharing of ideas, and overall improvement. Sometimes the best, most innovative, ideas happen around a watercooler.

The Top Three Ways to Motivate Workers

Looking for some quick tips on motivating employees? It can be tempting to reach for the checkbook every time you need a particular project done quickly. However, in some cases, employees aren’t always looking for monetary motivation. Below you will find three of the easiest and most effective way to motivate workers. Just remember, every employee is different and what motivates one person may not motivate the other.

Motivation One: Share Your Vision

One of the best ways to motivate workers is by letting them in on your goals. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of transparency to shift everyone into gear. At the end of the day, some employees are simply motivated by everyone being united, working toward one common goal, and achieving that.

Motivation Two: Challenge Them

Some people have the natural instinct to like or seek out a challenge. It’s almost human nature to want to be challenged and to want to test your wits. One of the top ways to motivate workers is to give them a serious challenge. When it comes down to it, sometimes all it takes is dangling the carrot of completion instead of a carrot itself.

Motivation Three: Hire a Motivational Speaker

Can you think of a better way to motivate your employees than hiring a motivational speaker? Motivation comes to people in many different ways, and one of the easiest ways to inspire someone is through the human connection of a motivational speaker. A motivational speaker connects with audiences to tell a story that will inspire passion and positivity. Not sure where to find a motivational speaker? Keep reading…

How Munif Ali Can Inspire

If you’re looking to hire a motivational speaker that will not only inspire your employees but propel them into productivity and success then Munif Ali, professional motivational speaker, is your answer. A self-made multi-millionaire at the mere age of 30, Munif Ali surprisingly started from very humble beginnings. You’ll be hard pressed to find a professional with this much passion or forward momentum.

Call to Book Ali Today!

Are you in the early stages of developing a business? Does startup describe you perfectly? If so, you have to call Munif Ali, today. Not only is he a leader and a couch but he prides himself on being a mentor that pushes people to propel their own lives and the lives of their businesses forward. If you’re ready to unlock your businesses potential, visit his website at https://munifali.com/.


Work Smarter AND Harder

How many people have heard this “work smarter, not harder” thing? A lot of us, right?

It’s BS.

Unless you work hard, really, really hard, that “work smarter stuff” is really great. You have to work to a level where you can pay someone else to work harder. If you’re not at that place, you have to work really hard. Working smarter only means that your systems have to be efficient. So if you’re door-knocking in one area, go to the next area, make phone calls willy-nilly, you’re working hard. You have a lot of movement, but no momentum. No progress.

Working Smarter AND Harder

So you have to work smart, but what if you work smarter and apply harder to it? What would happen then? Your business would go up.

What if you worked really hard but you’re dumb about it? You don’t get anywhere.

So you have to work not only harder and smarter, but smarter and harder. You have to have systems in place. Do you understand that? There are far too many people talking about how hard they work. “Man I work so hard”. Where are you going? What systems do you have in place? We can work hard all day, but I want you to really focus on the activities that matter the most.

So if you’re door knocking, for example, I want you to commit as much time to that activity as possible every day. Don’t do it for 15 minutes today and 15 minutes tomorrow. Be consistent. Work a whole 2-3 hours. Once you finish that up, you’re done with it.

Becoming Focused

What if you got all of those leads and never followed up? Is that working smarter? So what am I supposed to do? I did 3 hours of door-knocking, I took all of those door-knocking leads and information home or to the office. What am I supposed to do? Follow-up. Put it in your database. Start to build a relationship. That’s working smarter, but you already did the harder part. Same thing.

Phone calls. I can just grab yellow pages and start calling everybody but it’ll be one here, one there, one on the opposite end of town. The city of Los Angeles is 64 square miles, one of the largest, most spread out cities in the world. You can still be in the city of Los Angeles and be all the way in Reseda and you can be calling people all the way down to San Pedro where you don’t sell. Is that working smarter or dumber?

We’ve gotten so kind and gentle, we don’t want to say anything negative. The honest part is that you need to focus your abilities in one given area. You use a magnifying glass and you can see so many things bigger, but if you point that light at the right place of contact, you burn stuff up. You have to become focused.

Getting Results

So, look at your activities and what you’re doing. If you’re working really hard and running in place but getting no distance, then obviously you need to start to create the systems in your life that are going to give you the kind of things you need.

Our team makes thousands of phone calls and we have to look at it again and again and shift things around. I was using some systems in our real estate lead generation, and I had to cut them because they weren’t making any progress. So, how long do you wait before you don’t see any results and pivot? 6 months is a good amount of time. At least 6 months.

How many people come into real estate and go “Damnit, I’m so tired, I’m getting no results, nobody’s calling me back, I’ve worked all of these open houses, I’ve done everything he said!”?

Are you ready to give up? Are you ready to quit? You have to be able to commit 6 months. At least 6 months and don’t talk yourself out of it with excuses. Don’t start saying “Oh my god, I’ve given it so much time and effort!” You should be going 100 miles an hour. Only then can you start to talk crap about real estate. If you haven’t given 110% or 100%, could you ever say you’ve given everything to real estate?

Too many people come to real estate or sales and go “You know what, I’ve been trying but I don’t get anything! I’m not getting the results!”

You’re not 100% focused. You’re not 100% committed. When I hear people taking days off, you’re not addicted to it yet. You can’t just love this, you have to be addicted to it. This has to drive you. If you’re not ready for it, you’re not ready for real estate. You have to be committed and this has to be addicting.

Some of you are too comfortable. You should leave real estate. If you don’t want to do what is required, you should go. You should turn in your license. I have a shredder in my office, honestly. But until you’re ready to commit to it, you cannot talk crap about this craft, this wonderful opportunity that you’re faced with, this opportunity to make millions.

Real Estate is Hard

I’ve seen people make $500,000 their first year. I’ve seen people make $1,000,000 a couple of years in. How many medical professionals get to make a $1,000,000 with six months of internet school? That’s what it requires to get your license. Think about it. But people go “You know what? Real estate is so hard!” Well damn, if it was easy everybody would do it and they would excel at it!

So, get that “work smarter, not harder” crap out of your head. Work harder AND smarter. Get that “I have to love it and be addicted to this!” Stop taking days off when you don’t deserve it. Stop taking vacations when you don’t deserve it. 110% commitment and dedication. Be addicted to it and then you are going to see results.

So, are we prepared? Are we ready? Be addicted to being unlimited. Stop sugar coating your crap. Stop cheating on yourself. Stop being late and lazy. See, everybody is a kinder and gentler society now. We don’t want to talk negative about anything, but I like to tell you the truth. I grind myself with the truth. So if you’re looking for that soft and nice advice, don’t come here to POWER HABITS! So, are you unlimited?


Do Your Employees Search for Daily Inspiration? Munif Ali Delivers

Are your employees desperate for daily inspiration? Do you notice your workers sighing, working sluggishly, and lacking motivation? Munif Ali, a professional motivational speaker, is here to help.

Daily inspiration can come to people in a number of ways. After all, everyone is different and what inspires one person may not inspire the other. That’s where a motivational speaker can come in and fill in those gaps. What makes a motivational speaker ideal for instilling daily inspiration to your employees? Keep reading to find out.

How Munif Ali Delivers Daily Inspiration

Munif Ali, a self-made multi-millionaire, came from humble begins and worked hard and smart to get to where he is today. Not only is Munif Ali, a leader but he’s also a coach and dedicated mentor to both seasoned and new professionals alike. If you are a startup or in the early stages of developing your business, keep reading. Below you’ll find out just how hiring a motivational speaker, like Munif Ali, can do much more than offer daily inspiration.

Personal Communication and Inspiration

It seems to be human nature to be wary of our bosses and higher-ups. Some employees just don’t want to listen to what someone with more power than them has to say. That’s why hiring a motivational speaker can be the ticket to your success. Maybe you’ve felt like you’ve been trying to hammer daily inspiration into your employees’ heads. Munif Ali can take a softer and much more personable approach. More often than not, workers are much more inspired by someone outside of their company than by someone inside of it.

New Ideas and Ways of Thinking

In today’s age of technology, too many people avoid one-on-one human interaction. When you hire a motivational speaker, you’re having people listen and engage in a person’s story. Listening to how someone views the work or a task at hand can do wonders to broaden mindsets.

Unfortunately, it’s not often you get to sit and listen, for an extended period of time, about how someone feels or thinks. That’s why it can be so important to someone’s personal development. After all, that person may have never thought about that task in a different light had they not heard this speaker. Daily inspiration is one thing but learning to think in different ways is a benefit all its own.

Investing Leads to Success

One of the biggest challenges a business owner has to face is how much to invest in their employees. It may be a no-brainer for some; however, for others, it’s a constant battle of employee retention and budget. How much do you spend on an employee that might leave you? Well, the answer lies in your workers’ perceived value.

Employees often want to know that they are doing a good a job and they also want to know that you, as the employer, value them. An employee that feels valued often has daily inspiration to achieve and succeed. Want to know one of the easiest ways to make an employee feel valued? Hire a motivational speaker. Not only will a motivational speaker show your employees that you care about them but it’ll often inspire and motivate them for years to come.

Ready to Be Inspired?

Are you ready to give your employees the gift of daily inspiration? Contact Munif Ali today to begin propelling your business model and improving your overall work environment. If you’re a startup or in the early stages of developing a business you won’t be sorry you reached out. Visit https://munifali.com/ to get started or contact Munif Ali directly at https://munifali.com/contact/.