MPowerLive: How to stay focused on your GOALS

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about how to stay focused on your goals. Right now, the whole world wants your attention. Every beep, chime, every time there is an email, there’s a ding. Every time there’s a text message, you get it on your phone now. Every time you get in your car, your phone is connected to your car. You can’t escape the lack of focus that’s going on. The human attention span is decreasing.

I was looking at one thing and it said that we have less of an attention span than goldfish. Something like less than nine seconds and a goldfish has a little bit more of an attention span like one second more than the average American adult. That is crazy.

When you think about it. Focus is really hard. Focus is really expensive. And a lot of people will be very, very focused in the beginning, the beginning of their journey, the beginning of their relationship, the beginning of their job, the beginning of starting something new. Everybody’s talking smack in the beginning. “Hey, y’all, I’m getting ready to do this. Hey, I just met this wonderful person and it’s going so well. I just started a new job. I have this concept or app that I want to start,” right? In the beginning, everybody is a hero. In the beginning, everybody likes to talk crap and smack. “I’m going to do this.”

How many people you know that starts that, “I’m gonna. I’m going to. I will,” right? And then, next thing you know, boom, right? You meet ‘em at one Christmas or one Thanksgiving and they’re telling you all these bold dreams and goals, right? You listen. Unless they have a track record of accomplishing things, you’re kind of like, “Okay.”
Then, the next year comes around. The next time you get together. The next Fourth of July picnic. I’m talking like there’s no COVID because this will go away. This indeed will pass as well. But the next year you get together, “Oh, what happened to that person that you started dating, that you were head over heels about?” “Oh, okay. Oh, this is a new person? Okay. All right.”
Then, the next year, it’s like, “Oh, what happened to that restaurant you started? Oh, you never got it off the ground, okay. What happened to that new job you were excited about? Oh, you left that job. You’re on your third one now?” It’s constant.

So, instead of talking a lot of smack– and if you watch like boxing, have you ever seen boxing or MMA and the two opponents come together and one is very professional, doesn’t say much about, you know, attacking the person’s character, their abilities, you know, their capabilities. They don’t talk much about, you know, crap about their families or any one of that. I’ve been watching MMA for a long time and there are a lot of smack talkers, right? “I’m going do this. I’m going do that. I’m going to beat you down on the first round.” You know, these are things, you know, sometimes that’s utilized to sell fights, right? Or, they compare, you know, “I’m this way and I’m better blah, blah, blah” but the true essence of whatever they’re talking about gets diminished or at least proven in that ring. When they step in, all bets are off, right? Or, all bets are on depending on how that goes.

But a lot of times the people who are quiet, who stay focused, are the winners unless the person that is doing all that smack talking gets into their head. So, don’t let distractions get into your head. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

You see, competition is really an evil thing. When you start to compete with people, you start to look at yourself as either better than or your insecurities come out. So, one of the first things you want to do is stop talking smack in the beginning of your journey about what you’re going to do and go inside yourself and really find out why you want this, why is it important to you. Really, spend time in solitude, drawing out a plan, and then executing it.

The other thing you must stop doing is comparing yourself to other people’s successes. Quite often, now, all across social media, you see the entrepreneur against a nice Rolls Royce or everybody’s taking pictures in front of private jets. I see so many entrepreneurs on Instagram and on Facebook next to a private jet. Some of them– you know, I wonder, do you own the jet? Did you rent it? Did you just take a picture? Is it a photo op? Because, if we look you up on Social Blade, you’re not making that much money. I’m not really sure how that’s being done.
And a lot of people flaunt. They sell things. They want that image, right? Well, a fool can spend but a wise person will go ahead and save and only utilize what they need, right?
And so, stop comparing because it makes you unhappy. No matter if you want to admit it or not. And it’s happened. It’s happened to me where I’ve been in real estate for nearly 25 years, at this point. And I’m seeing people in real estate flaunt all of this. But I’ve always learned that if they’re flaunting, they may not be the best businesspeople.
So, understanding that comparisons only cause you stress. The only person that you need to compete with would be you. The only person that you need to really establish competition with is you – being 1% better, not perfect.

You see, a lot of people look for perfection and compare themselves to someone else because they have that perfect relationship, that perfect life, that perfect family. Just because your family doesn’t look like chip and Joanna Gaines on HGTV, just because your kitchen at home ain’t mint perfect, just because you can’t cook like Martha Stewart, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy. Stop comparing yourself with people that are socalled idols establishing and doing things that you think are great or extraordinary. They’re just human beings like you and I.

If you want someone to compete with, compete with you. If I get 1% better today, in 100 days, I’m 100% better. So, establish that competition is wrong. You see somebody else closing more sales, and you want to go after that person, and want to compete against that person. You want to establish your dominion over that person.

Just a couple of years ago, I was on track with one of my companies and very, very focused on establishing a presence and establishing and being the dominant factor. Then, I stopped to say, “You know what? I want to run the best company that I possibly can without even worrying about everybody else in the field.” Establish what you’re there for. And I was there to serve. We were there not to compete but to collaborate. We were there to effectively be the ones that people trusted in the community. So, knowing and utilizing that aspect of, “I’m not here to compete with anyone else but myself.”

The factor that I hear quite a lot is success leaves clues. And that could be used as competition. And, really, you know, being very focused on what somebody else is doing. Success leaves clues, so I’m going to follow all the clues that this person is doing. That’s great but use a magnifying glass – really delve into the kind of things that they’re doing, admire the process, and change some aspects without becoming someone else.

Why did I say magnifying glass? If success leaves clues, then study the clues. Study what the patterns are and stop comparing yourself to the competition, right? You’re going to copy the good things and the trades, but you’re not going to start to go, “I’m going to become someone else.”

So that’s how you stay focused in one way instead of running around after everyone else. And, “Oh! Oh my god, they started a blog. Let me start a blog. Oh my god, they’re on Facebook advertising, let me jump on that.” Now, if it worked for them and you can look at all the minute details on how and why, then copy some of those. That’s fine. But you’re not going to become that. Your value proposition is completely different, right?

So, whatever your goal is, start to really focus in on your traits and your goals. Set milestones for yourself. “Okay. I’m here. What do I need to do? Do I need to correct things or am I on a trajectory to go ahead and accomplish my goals? Do I need to step back a little bit to go forward? Do I need to reconsider this or that?” Set milestones along the way and that helps you focus better. Little periods and then refocus, every day. And then, refocus. Every day, look at your goals. Look at your why’s and establish something that you need to get to the next level. And it’s constant improvement.

And, when you finally get to the finish line, understand there really is no finish line. Yes, you have accomplished one goal in your life. Now, set the target on the next one. That’s how you stay focused.

Otherwise, what ends up happening is, as soon as you cross that finish line, you’ve accomplished that one goal, 20 pounds, or whatever it was – 30 pounds, to look better, to fit into this and to that, make sure that you set another milestone for yourself or you’re going to go backwards. That’s how a lot of people end up losing a ton of weight and then going backwards because they thought they just finished. And life just keeps going until your last day eventually meets you, right? So, you just continue to strive. And that’s part of the human psyche. We all want growth. So, the next time you cross that finish line, accomplish a goal, look beyond that finish line and establish real hardcore reasons why you want to continue to do so.
So, are you ready? Are you prepared? And let me ask you. Unlimited is a state of mind. Are you unlimited? Go get it.


Munif Ali