MPowerLive: Is work ethic is overrated?!

Hey MPowerLive Fam,

So I’m seeing all this crud online about entrepreneur this, and entrepreneur that. It seems as though everyone has the word entrepreneur either in their description or their title. So I know that word means; a person that either operates or owns a business or businesses, at the cost of more than normal risk. That’s an entrepreneur in a nutshell.

Well that’s just the definition anyway. It can be anyone that wants to take a risk and operate a business. Heck, business in itself is a risk. But the glamour and the glitz of the title of entrepreneur is far from just being able to write the words next to your name. You don’t have to be a Elon, Jeff or Bill to be a entrepreneur. You just must be willing to let lay your neck out on the line, and often times all of your finances as well.

Just because you like to do something, doesn’t entitle you to be successful in it. Just because you opened up a business, doesn’t entitle you to be successful in it . Just because you put entrepreneur next to your name doesn’t entitle you to be successful at it either.

The one thing that trumps all things, is your work ethic over the long haul. Work ethic is the number one factor why people succeed. You could totally disagree with me and bring up notions of hard-working people who didn’t make it and use that as a case to show me that work ethic is not the only factor.

And ….I can show you many different cases where people may not have been smart, educated, intelligent, or even had great resources. But they were successful because of their mentality to grind it out and out hustle everyone else.

Show me a student who isn’t really good at school, but has a unwavering to get stuff done. A kid who is a self-starter, is a self learner, and is self-determined to do whatever it takes and has an unbelievable work ethic, and I will show you the next millionaire or billionaire.

In this fluffed up “participation trophy” having world, work ethic goes a long way to be great equalizer. A great equalizer of men and women, from all walks of life, from all socioeconomic situations, from all colors and creeds.

While it might be trendy to hashtag; entrepreneur. Make sure that you understand what it will take to run your self, before you decide to run a business. Hashtag that!




Munif Ali