Thinkruptive Media Inc. is a new digital media company for the modern entrepreneur and investor. Together, with it’s several brands and strategic partnerships, it aims to launch several products and features in the near future, including an online incubator program, offering a borderless world the opportunity to bring brilliant minds and resources together. Its flagship quarterly digital magazine edition was launched in November 2017 and is available on iTunes and Play Store.

MPowerLive is the only coaching and training program that breaks down an individual’s rituals and routines to form habits that yield impactful results. If you are what you repeatedly do, then success is a practiced routine and a habit. MPowerLive is a no-fluff way of deconstructing and recognizing that focused accountability to equal results. No noise, just results.

Employme is a LinkedIn-meets-Tinder network. Users have the ability to look at candidates based on geo-location and can see their work history, resume, and qualifications. Recruiters can also view pre-recorded interviews at the touch of a phone screen and will be able to see candidate ratings and reviews as well.

Parkview a real estate conglomerate that owns and invests in brick-and-mortar real estate, developments, and real estate-related technology. Parkview started as a single property investor and turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise by investing in multi-family properties in Southern California.

Revol is a peer-to-peer app-based portal bridging the gap between real estate buyers and sellers. It allows an evolution to take place in real estate, by cutting out or replacing regulatory bodies and third parties involved in peer-to-peer sales.

Storgage is a peer-to-peer pubic storage disruptor that offers interaction and collaboration between people that have space for storage and people that need space to store their goods and their personal items. It is a double-sided marketplace that intends to introduce public storage to the sharing economy.

WECASA is a crowdfunding residential and commercial real estate platform, where home loans and investment loans will be aggregated by thousands of investors that are willing to get more of a return than their standard savings. For the borrower and the loaner, it provides a streamlined process with faster loans, reduced fees and better rates.