MPowerLive: The right way to accomplish your GOALS

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about the right ways to accomplish your goal.

Quite often I would accomplish a goal and never get a sense of accomplishment or a sense of happiness or gratitude when I was younger, so I would just go from one goal to the next goal. What I’ve learned is there’s a right way to cross that finish line. There’s a right way to start the race. There’s a right way to run the race. And there’s a right way to cross that finish line.
That’s with a small celebration enough to make you feel like you’ve done right. The other thing is you’ve got to run right through that ribbon. You see, if you ever run track, or track and field, and/or a marathon, or a 5K, or anything, you understand that a lot of people just see that finish line and they’re just, “Uh, I’ve got to get to it.” And then, the moment they step across, that’s it.
But if you ever watch a real skilled champion, someone who is in the top 10 in their league or division, when they run across that tape, they burn that tape out. They finish so strong that that tape kind of goes with that particular person. That’s the right way to run a race. So, you accomplish it.

You don’t just stop after accomplish, run right through the ribbon and then celebrate. Take your victory lap. Go ahead and raise your arms up and get the applause. Because you finished that race, have something of meaning, some kind of a reward, some type of accolade, some type of connection to, “I just achieved something.”
But here’s the here’s the tricky part. You lost 10 pounds, you lost 20 pounds, and that was your goal. Now, I’m going to go celebrate with a big fat cake. Sounds crazy, right? But so many people do it. So many people are just so glad that they got to the goal that they go backward in celebration.

I’ve seen this, time and again, where people are like, “Yes, I got that job,” right? Yes, I got that job. Now, I could just chill out. Yes! I got that promotion. Now, I could just ease up. Yes! I got that listing. Yes! I closed that deal. Now, let’s go and celebrate.” So, I get drunk. I get plastered. I go and do things that I’m not supposed to do. And the next day I show up late to that same job. The next day, I forget to call that person I was supposed to call the next day because, you know, starting out a relationship, you got to wherever you wanted the relationship to go and now, you know, you start to forget things, right? You started that business. You were so happy you got your license. You’re so happy you got the listings. Now, you forget because you over celebrate.
This is going to sound like an alcohol commercial but you’ve got to celebrate responsibly. You’ve got to celebrate so that you don’t go backward. You’ve got to celebrate so that you don’t lose focus. You have to celebrate so that you still understand why you got to the goal in the first place.

So, it’s cool to pop bubbly and get champagne and all that but, realize, you’ve got to get right back to work because what’s at stake is your goal itself. You could go so far backward. I mean, look at great people in history who were the best boxer, the best athlete, and they celebrated a little too much and it became part of their lifestyle, or they accomplish something huge. They came back from some foreign country with a whole bunch of gold medals. And next thing, you see them in the media. Next thing, you see them in the news because they didn’t celebrate responsibly. They went way overboard. So, celebrate responsibly.

You lost, you know, 20 pounds. That was your goal. You wanted that one meal as a cheat meal or as a reward meal, great, but do it in a in a way that’s responsible. Do it in a way that responsible in that, “Okay. I’m going to have that one little dessert. I’m not going to have the whole cake. I’m going to and have that one little piece. I’m going to enjoy that one little piece or I’m going to enjoy that one, you know, little slice” whatever it is.

You know, it’s funny, I watch certain celebrities have cheat meals and they’re downing like, I don’t know, 10,000 calories at a sitting. And they’ve got, you know, a whole bunch of pancakes or whatever. And people think, “Okay. When I get to where I’m getting to, I can consume now.” Well, first of all, you’ve got to look at how much work they do. And you’ve got to look at how large or how big their body structure is, or how their case might be different from you. So, don’t look at other people’s examples of celebration as your celebration.

Then, set an after action. What is the after action? So, “Okay, I achieved the goal. I finished the race. I went right through the finish line and I’ve celebrated. Now, I have to see, “Okay, how badly do I want to keep this goal?” because all goals need to be maintained. Got that job, got to maintain it. Got that promotion, got to maintain it. Opened that business, you have to maintain it. So, set an action report so that you continue to maintain that while you say “Next!” to the next goal.

It’s really critical and important, you don’t lose sight of what you just accomplished. Whether it’s two weeks. Whether it’s a month. Whether it’s six months, somewhere along the line, you could end up going backwards on that goal, so maintenance is really important.

Listen, I give you content every single day. And it comes from my heart. It comes from my experiences of being an entrepreneur. I had three jobs in high school. That’s a lot of different jobs. And, you know, I worked at a movie theater, I worked at a clothing store. I worked at a business form company. And all of that throughout, basically, high school, from the ninth grade until I graduated, I was working somewhere between 25 and up to 30 to 40 hours, sometimes, and still, you know, accomplishing all the stuff in high school. You know, I had good grades. I was on the honor roll. Did all that and played some sports.

The ability to be able to do all those things wasn’t given to me. Nobody told me what to do. I didn’t have a lot of direction, or even role models, but I started to look at the people that either built those businesses I worked for, as an example, or the people that had achieved great status within those companies.

And I looked. And success leaves clues, so I started to really, really look at how people were doing it. And, you know, I’ve had bumps. I’ve had bruises. I failed many, many times. So, most of the content that I give you is from my experience. So, hopefully, if you connect with it, if it resonates with you, if you know somebody that could utilize it, if it’s helpful to you, go ahead and send me a comment, if you have a question, but do end up liking or, at the very least, subscribing. So, put a little pressure on that subscribe button so that my content continues, my channel continues to grow, if it’s giving you back value. And that’s from the heart.

Going back to the next modality that you need to think about is the next concept. You’ve achieved something. Now, it’s time to bring your energy back together and think about the next things in life.

Far too often, I think people get to a place and then they don’t say “Next.” What’s my next goal? What’s the next hill? What’s the next journey? What’s the next thing that I could do to bring value?”
What they do is, “I got it. I put a ring on it so now I got her, so I don’t need to work for the relationship. I got him so I don’t need to work for that relationship. I got the job, so now I can skate.” Have that in your mindset that, “No, you never skate. You put in what you get out. If you put in shallow effort, guess what, you get shallow results.” If you have a random tactic to life, then you get random results. Plan out everything and put full effort into it.

So, I ask you, are you ready? Are you prepared?

And, lastly, unlimited is always a state of mind and not a destination. So, I ask you, are you unlimited? Go get it


Munif Ali