Work Smarter AND Harder

How many people have heard this “work smarter, not harder” thing? A lot of us, right?

It’s BS.

Unless you work hard, really, really hard, that “work smarter stuff” is really great. You have to work to a level where you can pay someone else to work harder. If you’re not at that place, you have to work really hard. Working smarter only means that your systems have to be efficient. So if you’re door-knocking in one area, go to the next area, make phone calls willy-nilly, you’re working hard. You have a lot of movement, but no momentum. No progress.

Working Smarter AND Harder

So you have to work smart, but what if you work smarter and apply harder to it? What would happen then? Your business would go up.

What if you worked really hard but you’re dumb about it? You don’t get anywhere.

So you have to work not only harder and smarter, but smarter and harder. You have to have systems in place. Do you understand that? There are far too many people talking about how hard they work. “Man I work so hard”. Where are you going? What systems do you have in place? We can work hard all day, but I want you to really focus on the activities that matter the most.

So if you’re door knocking, for example, I want you to commit as much time to that activity as possible every day. Don’t do it for 15 minutes today and 15 minutes tomorrow. Be consistent. Work a whole 2-3 hours. Once you finish that up, you’re done with it.

Becoming Focused

What if you got all of those leads and never followed up? Is that working smarter? So what am I supposed to do? I did 3 hours of door-knocking, I took all of those door-knocking leads and information home or to the office. What am I supposed to do? Follow-up. Put it in your database. Start to build a relationship. That’s working smarter, but you already did the harder part. Same thing.

Phone calls. I can just grab yellow pages and start calling everybody but it’ll be one here, one there, one on the opposite end of town. The city of Los Angeles is 64 square miles, one of the largest, most spread out cities in the world. You can still be in the city of Los Angeles and be all the way in Reseda and you can be calling people all the way down to San Pedro where you don’t sell. Is that working smarter or dumber?

We’ve gotten so kind and gentle, we don’t want to say anything negative. The honest part is that you need to focus your abilities in one given area. You use a magnifying glass and you can see so many things bigger, but if you point that light at the right place of contact, you burn stuff up. You have to become focused.

Getting Results

So, look at your activities and what you’re doing. If you’re working really hard and running in place but getting no distance, then obviously you need to start to create the systems in your life that are going to give you the kind of things you need.

Our team makes thousands of phone calls and we have to look at it again and again and shift things around. I was using some systems in our real estate lead generation, and I had to cut them because they weren’t making any progress. So, how long do you wait before you don’t see any results and pivot? 6 months is a good amount of time. At least 6 months.

How many people come into real estate and go “Damnit, I’m so tired, I’m getting no results, nobody’s calling me back, I’ve worked all of these open houses, I’ve done everything he said!”?

Are you ready to give up? Are you ready to quit? You have to be able to commit 6 months. At least 6 months and don’t talk yourself out of it with excuses. Don’t start saying “Oh my god, I’ve given it so much time and effort!” You should be going 100 miles an hour. Only then can you start to talk crap about real estate. If you haven’t given 110% or 100%, could you ever say you’ve given everything to real estate?

Too many people come to real estate or sales and go “You know what, I’ve been trying but I don’t get anything! I’m not getting the results!”

You’re not 100% focused. You’re not 100% committed. When I hear people taking days off, you’re not addicted to it yet. You can’t just love this, you have to be addicted to it. This has to drive you. If you’re not ready for it, you’re not ready for real estate. You have to be committed and this has to be addicting.

Some of you are too comfortable. You should leave real estate. If you don’t want to do what is required, you should go. You should turn in your license. I have a shredder in my office, honestly. But until you’re ready to commit to it, you cannot talk crap about this craft, this wonderful opportunity that you’re faced with, this opportunity to make millions.

Real Estate is Hard

I’ve seen people make $500,000 their first year. I’ve seen people make $1,000,000 a couple of years in. How many medical professionals get to make a $1,000,000 with six months of internet school? That’s what it requires to get your license. Think about it. But people go “You know what? Real estate is so hard!” Well damn, if it was easy everybody would do it and they would excel at it!

So, get that “work smarter, not harder” crap out of your head. Work harder AND smarter. Get that “I have to love it and be addicted to this!” Stop taking days off when you don’t deserve it. Stop taking vacations when you don’t deserve it. 110% commitment and dedication. Be addicted to it and then you are going to see results.

So, are we prepared? Are we ready? Be addicted to being unlimited. Stop sugar coating your crap. Stop cheating on yourself. Stop being late and lazy. See, everybody is a kinder and gentler society now. We don’t want to talk negative about anything, but I like to tell you the truth. I grind myself with the truth. So if you’re looking for that soft and nice advice, don’t come here to POWER HABITS! So, are you unlimited?


Munif Ali