My Journey Towards Success

Always strive for better work. Never stop

As a serial Investor whose goal and vision is to bring commerce, innovation, and opportunity to Silicon Beach and the Greater Los Angeles Area. I aim to do this through investing in great companies by investing in great people.


I am passionate about all things involving technology and real estate, as they have been the catalyst for my own growth and opportunity. Startups and developing early stage businesses remain my primary passion, while not overlooking the opportunities available with taking very select and seasoned local businesses to the next level. Scaling growth for great companies is also a critical part of my strategy.

I have been a leader, coach, and mentor throughout the majority of my life and routinely engage others to “Inspire, Train and Propel” their lives and businesses forward. Those three words simply define my purpose. I evolved from very humble beginnings to become a self-made multi-millionaire by age 30. By age 35, I nearly lost it all. Today, I work more efficiently to evolve again and at higher levels.


My journey back to success has led me to not only think about, but to act on the systems that attained success the first time around. In doing so, I realized that success is systematic. Once I developed those systems into principles, I have been able to apply them across multiple businesses and industries to create results.


When it comes to innovation and change, there are always many ideas offered daily throughout the world. Change is present always and everywhere. But innovation alone does not guarantee success. I learned that innovation, collaboration, and execution are the elements needed to really and truly disrupt the way things have always been done.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? In one of many podcasts and shows that I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to to share my story, I talk about how struggle and failure ultimately lead to my success, more than once. The willingness to overcome great odds and the habits that lead to becoming a successful business person can be learned and taught. Here, I talk about the elements that anyone can apply to overcome any struggle in life, not just in business.

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