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MPowerLive: The inauguration and what it means to you

Hey welcome MPowerlive members,

Today, we are talking about the inauguration. Typically when people think of inaugurating, they think of someone getting sworn in. While I do understand that we as a nation and if not the world is more divided now than we have been in a long time. There is division, actually great division. Division between party lines, political views, color lines and religious lines to only state a few. This is a time of great upheaval, unrest and trials. There’s a lot going on with economics, health, and quite frankly the stability of this country. The world is watching. What I’m about to say is by no means to cause more division or even more discussions than we already have. There is a great many discussions and chats we had to divide us. And I do understand that the world we live in is about “picking sides”.

But today I want utilize the time to say leadership starts with you, with your own family, with your own loved ones. Instead of watching hours of the inauguration, instead of getting into discussions and debates, instead of selecting sides.

Let us understand that the impact politician on your life, particularly your daily life is minimal. Yes, of course I understand the power of voting and the power of voicing your opinion. But what we need to do is focus on inaugurating ourselves every day. To take that oath and do solemnly swear that you will be the best person that you can be on a daily basis.

That you will strive to hold the office of self-control and discipline. That you will in turn be a leader who leads by example. A leader who will go through a great amount of trials and tribulations during this lifetime that you have. You will take the responsibility that is only yours to have without pointing fingers, without playing the victim, without asking anything before giving.

I understand that people are so eager to watch other people living their dreams and wishing themselves to greatness. But instead of waiting for someone to lead you. Become the leader that you were born to be, by inaugurating and promising every day to hold the office of you at the highest standards possible. Not perfect but by learning and evolving. Are you unlimited?

Tomorrow you serve another term. And consecutive terms after that. No inauguration needed.


Munif Ali