MPowerLive: Five Steps to Becoming Consistent and getting things Done!

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I am here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.

In this particular video, I’m going to show you five ways to stay more consistent and get stuff done all of the time. Now, the stuff part, I was going to fill in with a curse word, but I do know that people watch my content and sometimes it’s kids and teachers and stuff like that. So, if you want to use the material, I’m taking that part out.

Now, truth be told, if you look at these five steps and you apply them, your life will become more consistent. And so, if it is helpful to you, definitely, let us know what you think of the material I’m about to present right now.

So, the five ways to get stuff done all the time and establish consistency is, number one, you have to understand that motivation, drive, commitment, consistency all boils down to a whole mindbody experience. What do I mean by that? If you don’t have a healthy body, it’s hard to have a healthy mind. If you don’t have the energy needed to have that vigor, that drive, that commitment– think about it, are you likely to be consistent or have the energy when you’re tired, right, when you’re run down, when you don’t feel good, when you’re lethargic – you’re not likely to continue on the journey of having consistency.

And this is not about diet. But, honestly, it’s about getting your exercise in, right? You need movement. Human beings need movement. And when I was looking at this and researching what I was going to talk about, there wasn’t a lot of people that explained that your body and your mind has to be functioning at an optimal level. Optimal. Not that you’re going to be, you know, some ultradistance marathoner. I’m not asking you for that. I’m saying, understand that, if you have a strong body, you have a strong mind. Have you ever had a cold, or an illness, or a cut, or a bruise, or a pain? How was your concentration? How was your focus then, right? Not so good.

And it’s so funny because you could have a finger that hurts and your mind goes to that finger all the time, right? All the time, while you’re trying to do something. So, even if something is out of whack a little bit, your blood pressure’s not right. You’ve got high blood pressure. You’ve got different ailments. So, definitely, take responsibility of exercise – of daily exercise.
And eating habits. Now, this is not about vegan, or nonvegan, or keto, and all this other stuff that’s going on. You know, eat a lot more whole foods. Yep, eat a lot more whole foods from organic sources. Cut down on garbage carbs like bread, and wheat, and all these things. Limit your intake of food that doesn’t make you feel good.

Exercise, experiment, because every human being is different. But I can tell you eat more whole foods. I could tell you don’t eat out of a box or a can. So, start to really look at that. Exercise, nutrition, all of those things, number one. That’s how you establish consistency. You have a strong body; therefore, you have a strong mind.

I went through a period where I had a really bad neck and back pain. And I still carry neck and back pain. But what I ended up doing is I started to move a lot more, not great levels, but just walking and that starts to take some of the pain and the inflammation away. And, you know, it was really hard for me, during that period, because, financially, there was a lot of things going on. You know, it was the great real estate crash and I’m heavily invested in real estate. So, it took me a while. But the stronger I became, the healthier I became, the easier it was. And that’s why I say that’s rule number one.

The other thing is keeping your eyes on the prize. And I want you to remember this. Step two, eyes on the prize. I want you to tweak it a little bit – why’s on the prize, right? Why’s on the prize. Not as in being wise, or being not wise, or dumb, or whatever. I’m talking about why’s – knowing that your why is part of the prize. So, understanding why you want consistency. And if it is superficial, you’re going to fall off. If it doesn’t hold your attention, you’re going to fall off. If it’s not important, you’re going to fall off. So, having your eye on the prize and having your why on the prize.
And also knowing that, if you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one. True story. My family has two little bunnies, you know, and we’ve had them for years now. And my kids really, really love them. One is Bugsy and the other one is Bambi. And they run around all over the yard. And when it comes time to feed them or sometimes get them in a cage, occasionally, if it’s raining or whatever because they’re cage free, it’s hard to catch both, right, and even with all the kids running around all over the yard. It’s the same in life. And that’s 100% real. It is a fact. If you chase many, many goals around you’re not going to end up accomplishing anything. So, clarity of vision is really, really important. So, eyes on the prize – why’s on the prize.

And then, schedule yourself to focus on the activities needed so you could get better, so that you can accomplish more. So, whatever you’re falling off on, here and there, if you schedule it, it’s important. If you schedule it, it’s going to happen. So, every productivity person out there will tell you scheduling for success is needed. It’s part of the planning process. So, every single day, schedule some time out so that you can be consistent.

You want to stick to a meal plan but the moment you get hungry, you make bad decisions. So, plan it out, right? Make your meals ahead of time. Schedule those out. Put a little sticky note on there saying, “Hey, this is my meal for 10 o’clock. This is my meal for four o’clock. This is my meal–” And now I don’t have to think. I don’t have to walk into the kitchen. Especially now with COVID and everybody’s at home, right, especially now since everybody’s virtual, they’ve got this– you know, I could guarantee you, America, if not the world, is a lot heavier, a lot more out of shape than they were going into this thing because so many people are at home and having trouble.

So, understanding, if I just walk into the kitchen and I just grab a snack– remember, random behavior, right, random acts lead to random behavior. And then, therefore, a random life. So, if I just walk into a kitchen and I’m hungry, I’m going to grab whatever I have. But, if I planned it out, right, and I time blocked for the planning, now, I ensure more success.
The other thing, number four, is get back on track when you fall. Falling is guaranteed. Guarantee that one day you wake up– for example, I take cold showers in the morning, every morning, each morning, every single day. No matter if it’s hot. No matter if it’s cold. Every time, that’s the first thing I do. Now, sometimes, I will fall off. Sometimes, I don’t feel like it. Sometimes, I’m groggy. Sometimes, I don’t want to do it. If I miss a day, I have to force myself to do it the next day.

Studies show that, if you fall off the first time, you have a 15% chance. Fall off the second time, you have a 30% chance. The third time, you have a 90% chance not to go back to that habit. So. try not to miss more than one day of consistency, if not two, but get right back on.

A lot of people are really hard on themselves. “Ah, I messed up. Now, I’m not going to do it.” Go back right on track. So, get back on when you fall off real quickly. You’ve got three days. You’ve got three times. You’ve got three efforts to get yourself back on track because, after day number three, day number three is already 90%, right, 90% chance you’re going to continue that pattern. So, get back on track as soon as you can.

And, lastly, I want you guys to kind of share with me what your experiences have been. What kind of things have you been consistent about, right, routinely? And is that part of your habit? And how did you accomplish that?

Listen, every single day we bring you fresh content. It takes a lot. And if my I was not on my prize, if my why wasn’t part of this, I wouldn’t be able to scale every single day giving you content. But it comes from here because, somewhere along the line, I understood that my mission was really clear. It’s to help more people. It’s to establish better leaders. It’s to give back from whatever I have learned.

So, in giving you that, if you connect with the content, please go ahead and like it and share it. Comment. If you have questions, we’ll get right back to you. Or, you know, just send this out to someone that’s having trouble maintaining consistency.
So, last course of action, accountability. Let me explain why. We, as human beings, have developed over a long period of time. And regardless of what your religious beliefs are, think about this, if we got kicked out of our tribe, chances are we wouldn’t survive in any environment. So, being a part of a village or a tribe was essential and important for not only the social aspect but also their survival aspect, right? One single person, out there in the tundra, out there in the jungle, out there in the desert. You’re far more powerful in a group. So, it’s easy to be lazy when you’re alone.
And how many people have experienced that, right? It’s easy to watch Netflix. It’s easy to watch Netflix and just chill. It’s easy to go ahead and do nothing when you’re at home.
But, when you have someone else around, notice, you don’t want to appear as lazy as you are, right? And I say this in the kindest way because all of us human beings have this. Now, if you add accountability to it, just having someone there is greater than not having someone there at all. So, pick an accountability partner. This is why I believe in coaching. The greatest people in the world would not be where they are without some coaching.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a paid coach. You don’t have to download a program, or do this, or do that. Start off with an accountability partner – someone you know, love, like trust, or just are acquainted to and say, “You know what? I’m supposed to make X number of calls today. I’m supposed to not eat this. At the end of the day, can we have a conversation? I want you to hold me accountable.” Or, you all show up at the same time, at the same backyard to work out. Or, you know, you hold that person accountable and they hold you accountable. Accountability will help you get more consistent and keep it.

Now, tell me, if you apply these five measures, let me know how it works out for you because I’m genuinely concerned if you get great value out of this.
So, are you ready? Are you prepared? And, lastly, unlimited is a state of mind. You could do anything you want to as long as you want it bad enough. You can accomplish anything in life as long as you’re headstrong and disciplined, as long as you understand why you want that.

Consistency is a skill. Discipline is a skill. Leadership is a skill – a skill that everyone can achieve. I have firm faith and commitment in the process, and I know you can, too.
So, are you unlimited? Go get it.


Munif Ali