MPowerLive: Stop making excuses! 3 ways to stop making excuses in your life!

Welcome to MPowerLive. My name is Munif Ali. I’m here to inspire you, train you, and propel you, your life and, indeed, your business forward in the right direction.
In this particular video, I’m going to talk about excuses. And not just how to stop making them, but I’m going to show you some points, some ways that you can better your life by eliminating or, at the very least, decreasing the amount of excuses you have in your life. So, at the end of the video, you should be picking up at least three tips that I have to diminish these things called excuses.
The fact of the matter is that everybody around you has these excuses. People think that excuses are an answer to something. People will make the most crazy excuses. It’s the craziest thing when I hear people go, “I can’t lose weight because I’m big boned.” “What? You’re big boned? That’s crazy because I’ve never seen a fat skeleton in my life. I don’t know about you.” People will say, “I can’t get a job because I’m from this neighborhood, or I’m this particular color, or I have this racial background, or this religious background, or because I’m a woman, or because I’m gay, or because I’m a man.” All this stuff.

No. The crazy thing about excuses is, if you repeat them enough, if you talk about them enough, if you share them enough, then they start to become the most sinister of things which is they start to become real. What you imagine becomes true. That’s what Pablo Picasso said. What you can imagine will become true. Think about that. Everything you imagine is real if you put energy into it. And so, excuses go from being fabricated and, essentially, being a lie to becoming your truth because you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Excuses are true because you put power and energy behind it. When the fact of the matter is, yes, it could be true that you didn’t get that job based on the color of your skin. It could be true that you didn’t get it because you’re a woman. You didn’t get it because you were gay. It could be true that you didn’t get that opportunity of how you look. It could be true, right?
But somewhere, someone around this beautiful world we live in, has the same background, the same color, the same race, the same religion, the same creed, the same sexual orientation, or the same sex, and they’re killing it and crushing it. What was their excuse? You should look at that because, this day and age, while there are people that will close doors of opportunity to you, based on all the variable excuses, there are other people who will open doors for you. There are other ways that you, yourself, can get over those hurdles.
So yes, indeed, there are people out there that start to hem and haw and make excuses about why they can’t get a job. And then, I look at it. Well, how many times did you apply? Well, I applied five times and all five of them told me no because I’m XYZ.

How about trying 10 times? How about putting in 30 applications. You know, my son recently graduated college and we’re in this whole COVID thing. Obviously, businesses are suffering. Commerce is suffering. Commerce is suffering greatly. Restaurants are being closed down. Transportation industry is hit. We know all of those things, right? But here’s a young man, he comes back, and he starts to apply for jobs. And it’s hard. And 50 job applications later, competing with people with college degrees, and master’s degrees, and MBAs, he finally gets a job at application number 52. So, if you think about that, had he stopped at application number five. And I was hearing the, “I’ve tried this. I’m doing this you.” You’ve got to try more sometimes.
So, instead of allowing your excuses to become the number one reason why you don’t have something, start to look at why it is. Most of it is based on insecurities. I don’t have this because– I’m going to– it’s basically playing the blame game and having victim mentality towards it. “I can’t do this.”
Now, one of the sayings that I have in the brokerage that I operate is, “It’s not the gym. It’s the workout.” Have you ever seen people that will always blame the gym? You know, my gym doesn’t have that one hamstring machine and that’s why I’m kind of imbalanced here.

Then, you look around and you see guys on the internet that are just doing calisthenics at children’s parks. You know, grown men utilizing bars in calisthenics to get absolutely shredded. No protein powder, sometimes. No nutrition advice, sometimes. No, you know, creatine taken, right?
Look at this guy Hannibal– and shout out to you, Hannibal. Here’s this guy, in New York somewhere, who is ripped to the bone. No excuses. All he’s doing is working out. Now, you could say, “I don’t have all day to work out.” It depends on what your priority is, right? But he doesn’t have a gym and he’s carved and chiseled. You could blame it on genetics. “Oh my god, he’s just genetically wired to look like that.” He does one pull up and, all of a sudden, you know, muscles are popping out everywhere. But the fact of the matter is, there’s this whole movement of people that are in calisthenics, practicing on bars all over the world, ripped. It’s not the gym. It’s your workout.

So, when you start to look at things, you will see that, for every silly excuse you have, there’s someone doing great things with the same excuses you had. It’s about really outhustling and out grinding your own excuses, not other people. I don’t say compete, “with other people.” I say, “compete with you.”
So, you know, it’s funny because I’m approaching the big 50, right? I’ve just had a birthday. I’m getting closer to the 50 mark. And I am always energetic about my goals because I’m so happy that I get the opportunity to accomplish them. I wake up with a smile and a grind. I go to sleep tired because I’m always constantly focused on what I want to do.
Now, I’ll tell you, it wasn’t always like that. I came from a neighborhood that always liked to point fingers at the adjoining neighborhood or somebody else or said, “because we were in the condition that we were poor, that we were in a project, that it was somebody else’s game. It was somebody else’s thing. “Oh, because we didn’t get these things.” You know, hundreds of years ago, we didn’t get that. And some of it is true. But guess what, I didn’t, one time, see a whole bunch of people in trench coats come over to my neighborhood and force us to do jack, you know what. They didn’t force us to buy, or sell drugs, or rob each other. They didn’t force us to not work.
And so, I started to learn, I can out hustle and out grind my excuses any day of the week. When I was opening one of my businesses, because it was a franchise and I was told by other franchise owners that it’s not possible, that my business plan wouldn’t work in a particular area. Fast forward, 10 years later, we’re the most successful business in that area we weren’t supposed to be because we had challenges. They looked at it as challenges.

They even told me it was based on race, or connections, or it was based on not having this license or that license that’s based on geography. But guess what, if we would’ve allowed those 10 years to go by, without putting the hustle and grind in, then excuses would have been completely real. The insecurities that they may have about us and our own insecurities would have manifested itself.
So, don’t listen to your own excuses. Matter of fact, when you hear an excuse, the tip number one that I’ll give you is to say the excuse out loud to yourself. Now, you could say it in a closed environment. You could say it somewhere else, but I want you to recite the excuse so that you understand what it sounds like. You see, it can pass off inside your head really easily without notice or you could say them – say them out loud. Go ahead.
I’m not getting funded because, what? I’m not getting that job because– what? I can’t find happiness in my life because of, what? I didn’t have the best upbringing because of, what? Say it out loud. Put a little bit of life into it. And then, I want you to take the next step.
You see, people say that money is the root of all evil. I say, excuses are the root of all evil. You see, if you don’t have any excuses, we would be a more accomplished country. We’d be a more accomplished community, more accomplished city. Wherever you live, people use excuses. They use excuses in such a sinister way that it takes not only man but mankind backwards.
Take responsibility is the next step. Taking responsibility. Once you’ve decided this silly excuse, take responsibility for where you are in life. Once you master responsibility, there’s no excuses that could ever break through.

You know what? I’m gaining weight. It’s not because I’m big boned it. It’s because I cannot control myself around sweets. I can’t seem to control my diet. I can’t seem to get enough exercise. I need to change that.

Taking responsibility makes you more aware of the crap that you’re feeling inside your own head. Taking responsibility makes you a victor and not a victim. Taking responsibility will bring realness to your own conversation.
You see, I’m not ever really worried about saying the excuse out loud like, “Oh my God, you’re bringing it to life.” I’m bringing it to life. So, I can take responsibility because, shortly after I say the excuse, I smile and come up with a solution just as though you were talking to someone else.
And, lastly, taking daily accountability as a measure of being antiexcuses. Taking daily accountability. Notice– because I don’t want you to go a single day without really looking at why these excuses, these insecurities, take place. I want you to realize every single day is an opportunity for you to get over the hurdle, to diminish your excuse, to say, “I can. I will. I shall.”
Instead of looking backward, look forward and engage yourself in daily accountability. Say, “Okay, I made an excuse that my ankle hurt, and I didn’t get any of my cardio in. What could I have done differently because I understand that the big picture is to ultimately lose weight or stay in shape?
This is true. I have a little ankle injury going on right now I’ve got to work around. But if I allow that pain to get to me, if I allow that issue to get to me– I’m not saying I’m going to go running on it. But it’s not the gym, it’s the workout, right? I could do another workout. I could do it in different ways.
So, look at where you are, and take daily accountability in these three steps, right? Understanding the root of why it is – taking responsibility. And, finally, daily accountability will help you get over the hurdle.

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So, I ask you, Are you ready? Are you prepared?
And, lastly, unlimited is a state of mind. Are you unlimited? Go get it


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