Top 10 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

Podcasts are of great importance for the entrepreneurs as it helps in gaining knowledge about how to start and lead a company. There are many entrepreneurs who remain busy all the time and do not find to search for best podcasts but you do not need to worry as here you will find information about the top ten podcasts that you should listen to.


1. Start Up Podcast

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Alex Blumberg, public radio veteran tell about his entrepreneurship journey in this show. The third season of this show is going to be released soon. Gimlet Media, the company of Blumberg has 45 employees and $7.5 million in funding. You can start listening to this podcast with Episode#1 in which well known silicon investor is pitched by Alex. You should listen to this podcast as it will teach you the following things:

  • How to check organization, responsibility, equity
  • How you can manage inter-company dispute
  • How you can create your business plan


2. The Growth Show

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You can have an idea about this podcast by its name i.e. it will focus on growth giving you suggestions regarding everything whether it is balancing innovation and competition or planning a cheerful life. Various guests have joined the show such as violinist, executives, speakers, authors and many more. If you want to listen to this podcast then you can begin with Episode #52 in which Kipp Bodnar has conversation with Cliff Obrecht, the co-founder of Canva and Andre Pinantoan, its head of development. In this podcast, you will get knowledge about:

  • How to expand your business, capabilities, brand etc


3. The Pitch

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It is an audio version of an American reality TV show named Shark Tank. In each episode of this show, a panel of investors asks questions from a different startup on the behalf of their elevator pitch. If they found the answers of the founder relevant then they invest in his business. You can start listening with Episode #10 in which the originator of Dollar Beard Club, Chris Stoikos has given his pitch to a group of investors i.e. Ryan Hoover, Howie Diamond and Marvin Liao. The things that you will learn from this podcast are:

  • What encourages the venture capitalists to invest in your business?
  • How you can prepare a good pitch.
  • Types of questions asked by the investors and how to answer it.


4. Mission and Values

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This podcast is hosted by Bryan Landers. He asks CEOs questions such as “Can you give me information about your transparency value?” , “Do your workers have some traits that can make them a superb cultural fit?” etc. Episode#1 is a great podcast to start with in which Bryan converses with CEO of Zapier, Wade Foster. You will get to know the following things by listening to this podcast.

  • How to scale your values.
  • How you can determine cultural fit.
  • Effect of values on your startup on daily basis.


5. Inside Intercom

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It is quite different from the other podcasts because you will find new host and guest in each episode. In this podcast, the guest will be head in marketing, startup, design or production management whereas host will be an Intercom worker. This podcast is very useful for beginners as they will come to know about the experiences of well known practitioners. You can start listening to this podcast with Episode#12 in which Intercom Director of Product Design named Emmet Connolly is talking to the previous VP of design at Twitter i.e. Mike Davidson. The things to learn in this podcast are:

  • How you can sell when you do not have sales representative.
  • How to make effective utilization of your design.
  • How you can begin and scale a marketing team.


6. How to Start a Startup

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The president of Y Combinator has developed this podcast for the convenience of entrepreneurs. You will be taught about creation of team, building a product etc. He will also give you suggestions regarding what to do after achieving product-market fit. Many startup heavyweights are also invited by him such as Aaron Levie, Marc Andreessen and others. If you want to listen to this podcast then you should begin with Episode#1 giving an overview of Sam’s course. You will gain knowledge about:

  • How a product of high-quality can be made.
  • How a great idea can be created.
  • How to put together a winning group.


7. Seeking Wisdom

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This show is run by former Chief Product Officer of HubSpot and a five-time entrepreneur, David Cancel. He is known for its unique learning techniques. You must listen to Episode#4 in which David is discussing about why entrepreneur must give his employees more autonomy. You will learn many things by listening to it like:

  • How you can get amazing mentors.
  • How to manage your teams.
  • How you can find the right employee.


8. Startup School Radio

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In this podcast, Aaron Harris has conversation with two guests on weekly basis asking their suggestions on how to run an early-stage enterprise. He always invites the most successful entrepreneurs. For example, Founder and CTO of Docker named Solomon Hykes, CEO of Segment, Peter Reinhardt and many more. Episode#35 is the best episode where Harris is interviewing author and co-founder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham. The knowledge you gained by listening to it is about:

  • Outlook of the wildly successful businessmen.
  • Removal of major obstacles.
  • How a startup can be launched effectively.


9. Traction

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This show is of extremely beneficial for those entrepreneurs who are facing difficulty in expanding their business. His guests are always genius, inspiring and most successful. You can start listening with Episode#7. In this episode, you will find conversation between Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse and Jay Acunzo. You will learn about:

  • How you can avoid the disbelievers.
  • How to pivot.


10. This Week in Startups

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As its name suggests, this show runs once a week by the host Jason Calacanis. In this show, a panel of guest experts’ discusses their future plans, their experiences etc with the host. The conversations are usually of great interest but sometimes become controversial due to straight-forward style of Jason. If you want to listen to this podcast then you can begin with Episode#423. You will learn many interesting things from it such as:

  • You will get to know about the latest news of the Silicon Valley.
  • How you can become more creative.


Which Podcasts Do You Listen To?

Do you have any podcasts you would recommend for entrepreneurs? What did you think of my selection? Comment below or contact me directly – I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Munif Ali