Work Smarter AND Harder

How many people have heard this “work smarter, not harder” thing? A lot of us, right? It’s BS. Unless you work hard, really, really hard, that “work smarter stuff” is really great. You have to work to a level where you can pay someone else to work harder. If you’re not at that place, you […]


What Can a Life Coach Do for You?

Life is hard, and that is no understatement. It’s easy to let the modern world beat you down and trap you in unhealthy, unproductive routines. Sometimes things don’t look or feel like they will ever get better. This is where a life coach comes in. The truth is often times you just need a little motivation and […]


Don’t Be a Victim, Be a Victor

Life is full of decisions. You make decisions every day, whether it’s what you eat or where you go to be with your friends. You’ve spent years making decisions and have become quite good at making them, so why are you not choosing to live your best possible life? The Great Excuse New business ideas […]