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3 Proven Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music at Work

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Music at Work

Who doesn’t like listening to music?

Music is a beautiful thing. It’s available everywhere and comes in many genres, from orchestral pieces and classical movements to modern-day rock and pop tunes. Whether you like certain artists or enjoy all kinds of music, it’s universally beloved.

But if we’re going to look at it deeper, did you know that music is more than just sounds and lyrics? They could be a useful tool to enrich our bodies and minds.  For example, many pregnant women like to play music for their kids to grow smarter as they develop in the womb. Another is that some patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease were found to develop antibodies by listening to music. Some people even use their favorite songs to kick start learning a new language, like Korean or French.

Because of how powerful music can be, people like to listen to their favorite playlists at work. A quick search on YouTube will reveal multiple hour-long videos focusing on songs for better productivity and focus. To understand how these melodies can help, here are three proven reasons how listening to music at work helps our brains and why you should listen to music at work

Listening to Music Makes You Happy

Music is one of the easiest and fastest ways to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that allows you to feel happy. Clinical psychologist Michael Treadway once said that the brain produces dopamine before we start to work. The reason why is that it helps us feel more satisfied and accomplished when our tasks are done. That’s why we feel better and more positive when we listen to music at work

Aside from dopamine, music can also increase your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the chemical in the brain that helps us fight off stress and depression. It also helps the parts of your brain that focus on sleeping and waking up. With serotonin, our bodies can relax and sleep better when we need them to. 

With these two, it’s easy to see why listening to music at work can be useful. Those relaxing tunes push your mind to feel more relaxed and balanced. It also makes you feel good as you finish different assignments, like exercise, presentation, writing, or even public speaking. 

Listening to Music Makes You Smarter

Have you ever heard a new song on the radio and it doesn’t fit your taste? Well, you better consider introducing new songs to your playlist. Listening to newer music at work may be the key to sharpening your mind. By exposing yourself to more recent songs, your mind learns to adjust and enjoy the new patterns. It may sound different and confusing, but that’s because your brain is trying to figure it out. The more often you hear it, the more your brain will pick up the sound and enjoy its beauty. Think of it as a new puzzle for your brain to solve. With enough time, you’ll eventually understand the appeal.

Old music, however, should not be ignored. Your favorite songs carry a lot of memories behind them. Us humans like to attach the songs of our time to significant parts of our lives. For example, people who love listening to Coldplay may be recalling their high school days when the band’s songs were on every radio. Others may be fond of cartoons and their theme songs because of the Saturday mornings they spent growing up.

Either way, music carries a strong amount of nostalgia and emotional memory to it. Whenever you listen to music at work and you need a pick-me-up, spend a few minutes to sit back and walk back down memory lane. Once you hit play on your old favorites, you can feel more relaxed as you listen to the music at work.

Listening to Music Can Form Friendships

Once upon a time, an ancient philosopher named Aristotle once said that humans are social creatures and that they cannot live alone. In his eyes, we were always meant to form bonds and develop ties as people. It makes a lot of sense, especially in companies with teams and departments. Even if we are working, it’s understandable that we also want to bond and connect with our colleagues.

That’s why music is also a social thing. Sometimes, the easiest way to bond with your peers is to share what your favorite music is. You might find many people who like the same bands you do. When you and other people listen to music at work, you all get to share the same energy of productivity and goodwill.

It’s also how businesses want to form their communities for their customers. The jingles from your local supermarket or flower shop help bring together an anthem of sorts, a theme that connects everyone together. Music at work does more than give you a vibe, it also helps you feel a sense of belonging with the people around you. Plus, if you play a nice song that everyone can listen to at work, you also help them relax and focus too!

In Summary

Listening to music at work is a good way to sharpen your mind and help you focus. Music can trigger chemicals in the brain that relieve stress and keep you happy as you continue throughout the day. It can also provide a sense of comfort and test your mind, keeping your brain at peak performance as it hears the different sounds and melodies. Lastly, it’s also an effective method of setting the atmosphere with your coworkers. Whether it’s to boost your performance or as an icebreaker for making new friends, music can do wonders for you at your workplace.

We have a useful video for you to overcome afternoon fatigue, this might help you boost your performance at work aside from listening  music at work.

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