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4 Effective Ways to Earn Money In The Internet As A Teenager

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effective ways to earn money

For many teenagers, searching for a job could be the key to financial growth. It could be their first chance to learn what it’s like to make some money. It’s a big step when growing up, which is probably why over 30% of teens do it. Through a part-time or full-time job, they can see the fruits of hard work and make money for themselves and their families.

If you’re a teenager looking for a job, you might consider some old-fashioned options. Perhaps you’re thinking of mowing grass or babysitting. You might also look towards part-time work at a fast food chain or a local diner. However, if you think about it, these kinds of jobs might not seem so inspiring. A good job should be one that rewards your work and earns a decent amount. If that’s the case, you might wonder what you can do to make that happen.

Thankfully, the digital age has made job opportunities a lot easier for you and your peers. There are lots of options to make money online, either as a freelancer or in a formal job role. Plus, with the right attitude and dedication, these jobs can earn you thousands of dollars and teach you new workplace skills. Read on to find out the effective ways to earn money online as a teenager!

What exactly is an online job?

Firstly, let’s explain what an online job is. As you can already guess, this is a type of job or profession that does most, if not all, of its work online. Thanks to advancements in the internet and computer technology, nearly all businesses go online at some point. For example, you can search online for thousands of stores dedicated to a niche, like baby clothes or exercise equipment.

What makes an online job interesting, especially in recent times, is that it’s almost become the standard of work today. Ever since the pandemic, several workers in the country have worked remotely from their homes. Whether handling work meetings or fulfilling projects, many adults had to learn to keep their profession online.

You might ask if working online is even effective, given that a lot of adults have spent their time in the office. According to a study by Apollo Technical, remote work has grown tremendously. More than 4.7 million people in the US are working remotely, maintaining jobs in all kinds of industries. This isn’t just the present, but it could be an indicator of the future; a study by AT&T predicted that the hybrid work model, where employees operate both in the office and remotely, could be adopted by 81% of businesses by 2024. Given how it was only 42% back in 2021, this is a big change that’s happening as we speak!

What are the benefits of an online job?

By now, you may have seen what working online could be like. You spend several hours at a desk; you log in to Zoom or Skype to attend work meetings; you could even see most of your work saved on a document online or uploaded to the internet. However, what makes an online job better than traditional work? Here are three benefits that explain why an online job is one of the most effective ways to earn money now.

You can concentrate better and improve your productivity.

Before it became mandatory to work online, many people worried that remote jobs would not be as productive as office work. For them, the idea of being connected to the internet for that long might make you lazy or inefficient. Plus, we’ve all met someone who complains that we’re spending too much time online in general.

That said, there are studies that suggest remote work is more effective than initially thought. Apollo Technical reported that remote workers achieved over 40 hours of work weekly 43% more than those who never worked online. An article by Flexjobs also showed that remote workers were more productive than their office counterparts by at least 35%.

It seems that working remotely could be a great way to stay focused and achieve more. One reason could be the absence of interruptions and distractions. In the same article, Flexjobs revealed that businesses lose over $600 billion due to workplace distractions. By working remotely, you can cut problems like noisy coworkers or faulty equipment. Not only would you save the company money but, as a teenager, you can find it easier to focus and enjoy your time on the job.

You can save more time and money with a remote job.

One of the reasons why online jobs are effective ways to earn money is the stay-at-home concept. Going to work as a teenager can be tricky, especially if you don’t have your own car or bike. Plus, depending on the hours you work, it can leave you vulnerable to dangers or lack of sleep.

With an online job, you cut out a lot of travel time and expenses. As a teenager, you can easily cut out bus rides or subway tickets from your financial plans. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly. Upwork once estimated that by 2025, 36.2 million workers will operate online. Because of this, 70 billion miles of travel will be saved, potentially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. So, with an online job, you could cut out travel, save money, and protect Mother Nature!

You can enjoy flexible hours.

Traditional onsite work could make your teenage life busy and tiring. Some companies require you to work hours at a time. Plus, if you take freelance gigs like babysitting or garden work, there’s no guarantee of when you will be done. You might even have to come back to do additional work.

With a remote job, however, you’ll get a lot more freedom to choose your own hours. Depending on the type of job you have, such as teaching students or transcribing videos, you can choose how often you work. This is especially useful if you need days to focus on your studies or rest from a stressful week.

The best thing about having flexible work hours? You’ll find it a lot more fulfilling and satisfying than having to work on a set schedule. It could even make your life feel more organized and under control. 

Flexjobs once reported that only 36% of those who work at fixed hours felt they had a good work-life balance; on the other hand, almost half of those who worked flexible hours felt the same way.

How can I earn money online as a teenager?

Now that you know why online jobs are among the most effective ways to earn money, you might be looking to get one for yourself. Here are four potential jobs you could try to make some money for yourself!

1. Teaching English online

Anyone who is reading this article is most likely an English speaker. While that seems obvious, what you might not realize is that speaking and understanding English is a skill. More importantly, it can be what you need to help you make a good amount of cash online.

From your house, you can set up an account and start teaching English to foreigners and students online. Sessions can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. You can choose to teach however many classes to fit your schedule and needs.  In addition, teaching English is a great way to experience how you interact and connect with other people. With this job option, you could learn how to step out of your comfort zone and start conversations with people you’re unfamiliar with.

If you think this job fits your style, there are some websites you can check out to start. For example, businesses like SameSpeak and Cambly offer up to $100 for every 30-minute session. If you add the math, you could gain over $200 if you hold at least two classes every day, all before the weekend!

2. Conducting app and program reviews

With the digital age making so many changes in our lives, companies are always trying new apps and tools. Unlike before, when you’d have to buy a new gadget or invention, you can simply download new updates and software changes. Doing it all with the tap of a phone screen or the touch of a button has become the norm. So, how can you use that to your advantage?

If you’re someone who studies computer code or uses a lot of apps, then you might know what works and what doesn’t. With this knowledge, you can go online and review apps or test their latest builds. By testing these apps and giving feedback, you could earn as much as $10 per app. You can also get exclusive access to new features and interfaces from the company. The only requirement this job asks is that you give a thorough and honest review, detailing the pros and cons of each app or website.

Aside from reviews, you could also go online and answer surveys or polls. Sites like Google Opinion Reward, Harris Poll Online, and Inbox Dollars all look for some feedback on their apps or user experience. As long as you answer honestly, you get paid and you give essential feedback to make these companies better.

3. Transcribing video, audio, and other media files

Even as audio and video technology has grown, there are still details and words that could go unnoticed. If you watch a movie in the theatre, there might be scenes where you get confused about what was said. Luckily, you can solve this problem and earn some cash by being a transcriptionist.

Transcribing is when you listen to audio and write down all the essential information. Through it, you can help others keep track of details or keywords used in meetings, podcasts, and entertainment. A transcriptionist can make $1-$2 a minute for every file they transcribe. So, if you handle three files, each one ten minutes long, you could make as much as $250 in a week’s time. So, if you’re looking to transcribe for companies or video creators, you can check out sites like TranscribeMe, AlphaSights, and Athreon.

You could also transcribe words into captions for those who love subtitles or have hearing problems. It’s how services Netflix and Amazon Prime have those detailed subtitles that cover each series or movie. With companies like Rev, Vitac, and CaptioningStar, you could earn up to $3 a minute for each file. You can do this all at your own pace and make as much as $1500 a month!

4. Live streaming content of all kinds

One of the most popular trends of millennials Gen Zers today is live streaming. Many people have gone online to record themselves doing all kinds of tasks or teaching various skills. Some of the most famous millionaires have made their money by streaming video games and captivating people with their personalities. Famous streamers like this include Shroud, Ninja, PokiMane, and PewDiePie.

So, if you’re looking to share your personality online, you can look up all kinds of video services to make your mark. Places like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch allow people the chance to stream their content for the masses. The best part is that you can even choose what type of content you want to make. You might enjoy cooking or giving life advice; you could spend time playing your favorite games or reviewing movies; you could even give people a glimpse into your life and your daily routine.

Getting paid for live streaming can vary based on the platforms you choose. However, you can always get donations from viewers who admire or enjoy your content and personality. You could also grow your channel by joining affiliate programs or partnerships. This way, you can make money and have fun doing it while networking your business. 


  • An online job is a profession that primarily operates over the Internet, to the point where it’s become the new norm.
  • There are multiple benefits you can gain through an online remote job, such as:
    • Better concentration and productivity: Remote workers have achieved 40+ hours of work weekly, 43% more than those who never worked online.
    • Money and time saved: Online jobs eliminate the need for transportation, saving cash for fare and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Flexible hours: Several online jobs allow workers to choose their own schedules and enjoy a better work-life balance.
  • As a teenager, you can make money with four potential job options: teaching English online, conducting app and program reviews, transcribing video and audio files, and live streaming content.
  • Teaching English online is a lucrative job for teenagers, with platforms like SameSpeak and Cambly offering up to $100 for every 30-minute session.
  • Conducting app and program reviews or answering surveys and polls can earn money and provide feedback to improve products. You can earn as much as $10 through sites like Google Opinion Reward and Inbox Dollars.
  • Transcribing video and audio files can earn $1-$2 per minute, while captioning can earn up to $3 per minute. You can start your search on places like TranscribeMe, AlphaSights, and Athreon.
  • Live streaming content is an excellent way to share your personality online. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube let you earn money through donations, affiliate programs, and partnerships.
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