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8 Ways To Spend Time With Family

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spend time with family

Family bonding used to be a cherished part of the human experience. Sunday dinners, outdoor gatherings, and game nights used to be considered the status quo. Nowadays, people find it much harder to spend time with family. Studies show that 34% of parents feel too busy to be with their loved ones, with 28% citing work commitments. The struggle to spend time with family has become too real to ignore.

Even the habit of sharing meals is starting to disappear; only 57% of US families manage to gather around the table on occasion. In this article, we’re taking a stand to restore quality time with our loved ones. Here are eight fun, engaging, and worthwhile ways to spend time with family!

1. Have a family dinner.

According to Gitnux, 95% of people believe sharing a meal is a great way to spend time with family. It’s not just about eating good food, though. For a good reason, it’s a pastime in many households: eating together is a great way to stay connected and see one another. Your presence alone can make a big difference, even if you’re not hungry!

Why does it work?

Family dinners, and other meals for that matter, are the periods to discuss whatever you want openly. You can talk about your plans for the day or the latest news. Whether silly or serious, having dinner and chatting can make a big difference in your life. And consider this: for some people, it’s the only way to spend time with family!

spend time with family eating together

How can I maximize this?

A great way to make the most of this habit is to include everyone in the dinner preparations.  Whether sorting dishes or cooking food, helping one another builds trust and communication, and spending time with family right, make sure no gadgets are allowed on the table.

2. Have a house-cleaning day.

Cleaning the house might be a challenging task. Still, it’s a great way to get everyone involved. You can work together to organize things and make the place spic-and-span. This way, you can spend time with family and refresh your home!

Why does it work?

Like making dinner, cleaning a house allows everyone to get busy. Together, you can divide tasks to complete the job easier. Plus, it does more than spend time with family; you can teach your kids or younger siblings how to keep things in order through house cleaning!

How can I maximize this?

Just because cleaning a house is a chore doesn’t mean it needs to feel like one. Make it a competition to see who can complete their tasks first. However, remember that this is to spend time with family; don’t make it so competitive that tempers flare!

spend time with family cleaning

3. Have a movie night.

What better way to spend time with family than to sit back and enjoy a movie together? Movies and other forms of entertainment can bring the whole gang together. You can laugh, shed tears, or feel warm together while enjoying a fun screening.

Why does it work?

Movies offer more than a chance to spend time with family. It can also help you learn about one another’s interests. Give it a chance, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the recommendations your loved ones have.

How can I maximize this?

Everyone must be able to enjoy the movie to make this tactic work. To avoid arguing over the choice, try to rotate who gets to pick what movie. Alternatively, you can vote on which movie you guys want to watch. That way, you can spend time with family and be satisfied with what’s on the screen.

4. Have a DIY date.

DIY projects became more popular than ever thanks to the pandemic and the hundreds of “hacks” that appear online. Take advantage of it to spend time with family! You and your loved ones can work together to build something new, whether a bird cage or a homemade garden.

spend time with family teaching

Why does it work?

Aside from spending time with family, DIY projects are an excellent opportunity to explore new skills. You can expand your knowledge from learning how to paint to crafting furniture. And you get to create something with your own hands! A word of caution, however: over 200,000 people go to the hospital to treat DIY-related injuries, so be extra careful.

How can I maximize this?

A great way to make DIY projects enjoyable is to focus on something meaningful. For instance, you can spend time with family as you build a crib together. It allows everyone to help and contribute to something that will become part of their lives forever. 

5. Have after-meal walks.

A nice walk is already a great way to spend time with family, especially if you’re active. However, you can take it further and make it a bonding experience after every meal! It’s a great way to digest your food and hang out with your loved ones.

spend time with family spend time outside

Why does it work?

Walking is a great way to exercise the body and encourage you to expend any pent-up energy. However, walking after meals can also do a lot for your health! A two-minute walk can regulate blood sugar, improve digestion, and lower your blood pressure! And remember, being healthy lets you spend time with family for several more years.

How can I maximize this?

Although walking around allows you to enjoy one another’s company, the route can feel too familiar too soon. Spend time with family and switch things up by trying different ways or locations. You can use this time to explore new areas in your locale or meet new friends! 

6. Have storytime.

Storytime is usually just for kids. However, telling stories doesn’t mean you need fairy tales. Even as adults, you can sit around a table and spend time with family, reminiscing on fond memories. You can also use stories to discuss serious issues or teach lessons to one another.

spend time with family feeding the baby

Why does it work?

Beyond the intrigue a story brings, sharing anecdotes and lessons is an excellent form of communication. You can learn much about someone based on their experiences and how they convey them. Don’t simply use this to spend time with family. Go further and try to gain more insight into one another.

How can I maximize this?

Encourage your loved ones to come prepared with a fun story using a theme. You can focus on embarrassing moments, uplifting victories, or even scary situations. Do your best to promote an inviting atmosphere. Otherwise, you won’t spend time with family when someone feels left out.

7. Have a game night.

Similar to movie nights, game nights are a classic part of the family lifestyle. Thousands fondly remember playing board games or challenges with their loved ones. Take initiative and spend time with family by making this a weekly or monthly thing!

spend time with family board games

Why does it work?

While movies allow you to share an experience, games can be more involved. Whether with charades or hide-and-seek, you give your loved ones room to move around and have fun. After all, there’s no reason to feel bored when you spend time with family.

How can I maximize this?

Always do your best to bring a game that allows everyone to play. You can pair people off in teams or make it a group session. Don’t be afraid to discuss how you want to spend time with family in these games. Some people like Dungeons and Dragons, while others like WiiSports. The point is to have fun!

8. Have an exercise challenge.

Lastly, think about making your family focus on a lifestyle change. For instance, what if you all want healthier, active routines? In that case, you can stay fit and spend time with your family through an exercise challenge!

spend time with family yoga

Why does it work?

Whether you want to enroll in an intense program or jog around the block, exercise challenges push everyone to do their best. It’s a friendly competition, only that everyone comes out the winner. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to spend time with family while burning those pesky calories!

How can I maximize this?

The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s fitness level differs. Some of you may be ready for half-hour exercise routines. Others might only manage ten minutes or less. The point isn’t to outdo one another. Instead, spend time with family and cheer them on as they try to hit their fitness goals. That way, you can all come out stronger and happier than before!

spend time with family children


  • Once upon a time, family dinners and game nights were the norm. Now, not so much. 34% of parents say they’re too busy for family hangouts. 28% blame work. And only 57% of families sit together for a meal.
  • Let’s Change That: Here’s a quick list of how to boost family time:
  • Family Dinners: 95% of folks say it’s the best way to bond. It’s not just about the grub; it’s chit-chat and quality time. Pro tip: Get everyone involved in cooking, and no phones at the table!
  • Clean-up Day: Cleaning’s a chore, but doing it together? Bonding time! Turn it into a fun challenge to keep spirits high.
  • Movie Night: Movies = relaxation + bonding. To keep peace, take turns picking the film or vote on it.
  • DIY Time: Craft something together. But heads up, DIY can be tricky. Two hundred thousand folks end up in hospitals because of DIY goofs. Be safe!
  • Post-meal Walks: Stroll after eating. It’s good for digestion and your heart. Plus, exploring new routes keeps it exciting.
  • Storytime: Not just for kids. Share memories, funny tales, or deep stuff. Themes help, like “most embarrassing moment.”
  • Game Night: Classic fun. Board games, charades, video games. Pick something everyone enjoys.
  • Exercise Challenge: A fun way to get fit together. Remember, everyone’s pace is different. Cheer each other on!
  • In a nutshell, family time is getting rare, but we can change that. From dinners to DIY, there are tons of ways to reconnect. You just have to make the effort!
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