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8 Exceptional Traits of Coachable People At Work

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Traits of Coachable People

8 Remarkable Traits of Coachable People At Work

With workplace coaching, you can make yourself an essential asset in your job. It also allows you to become an indispensable part of your company as someone who can guide and eventually lead the whole operation. However, your workplace won’t simply coach whoever is the best. You’d need specific qualities to convince them to invest time, energy, and knowledge into you. Here’s what you need to know about the traits of coachable people and how it can lead you to success.

What it means to “coach”

Before you learn what being coachable means, you should understand precisely how coaching works. You might think that coaching is the same as workplace training. You know the basics about your job, such as programming codes or writing scripts. Surely, that’s all that you need, right?

In fact, workplace coaching is like a promoted level of training. This time, you’ll be monitored closely by experienced professionals on how you work. The difference is that you get a hands-on approach to specific tricks and methods of performing your tasks. Think of Phil Jackson, the iconic coach of multiple championship-winning basketball teams. You probably recognize him as the man who propelled Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to their championship rings.

Here’s how coaching works in basketball: Michael and Kobe knew the basics of the game. You know they can dribble, pass, and shoot the ball. However, you might not realize that Phil taught them how to play the game properly. He taught his players strategies and game plans to defend their turf and overtake the scoreboard. Phil’s methods taught Michael, Kobe, and other players offensive plays and positions. In other words, coaching isn’t simply relearning the basics; it’s about understanding perspectives that can boost your performance and decision-making. Knowing these and other traits of coachable people can make a big difference in life and finance.

The benefits of being coachable

Now that you understand how coaching works, you might wonder why you should learn to be coachable. In truth, coaching is a two-way street. Anyone can train to do something, but being coachable relies on how you learn and adapt. Here’s why it can benefit you and your career.

It sets a clear path.

Like everyone else, you want to succeed in your job or task. However, the steps and decisions towards the goal can be confusing. You need an excellent guide to lead you to the right path. That’s why being coachable can help. By allowing yourself to learn from someone more experienced, you can discover how they visualize their success. More importantly, you discover how they map out the steps to progress forward. It’s like having a guide dog through the forest; with that dog’s help, you’ll find out which road to take and arrive at your destination faster than expected.

It provides a network.

Being under someone’s learning tree is an excellent way to branch out – no pun intended- toward other experts. Your mentor has met multiple individuals who carry most, if not all, the traits of coachable people. These people can be successful and cunning. By meeting more of them, you build a network of reliable experts to ask advice from. You can also observe how they work and see what other techniques they use to thrive.

It challenges you to be better.

Being coachable is a significant step forward in anyone’s career. It means that your bosses are willing to help you learn specific skills and ideas to expand your knowledge. Of course, you won’t get these things for free. Your bosses and colleagues now expect you to perform at a higher level. You’ll be facing more obstacles and responsibilities than before. For example, becoming head of a department means learning to lead and supervise a large team. It’s not going to be easy. However, if you have all the traits of coachable people, you’ll find such experiences rewarding and enjoyable.

It makes you self-aware.

The most significant advantage of being coachable is that it helps you discover your flaws and mistakes. You might not fully realize what is holding you back. However, being coachable means that you’ll learn how to go beyond your limits. It may be tough to hear constructive feedback about your personality, work style, and decision-making process. However, remember that this is all to make you a better and more effective leader. Once you understand how you operate, you can begin pushing yourself to the next level.

8 qualities you need to be coachable at work

Now that you know how being coachable can improve your personal and professional life, it’s time to explain what you need to do. Coachability requires the right mental attitude and emotional fortitude to happen. You won’t get your way by being stubborn or self-righteous. Here are eight essential qualities that a coachable person should have.

1. Be humble.

First, you must learn to be humble and accept that you’re not perfect. Notice how star players and high-level executives didn’t start as geniuses of their craft. Remember that they had to work their way to the top. Always remember that you are the student and the one trying to improve. 

Only by knowing your place can you start to move forward and reach for higher ambitions.

2. Be a good communicator.

Knowing what to say and how to approach it is crucial in learning from your coaches. Always discuss the plan with your supervisors when you’re confused or unsure. Take time to ask questions and examine their perspective. Be specific about what you want to know and why you think it’s useful. Your coaches and colleagues can help you spot what’s missing from a different perspective.

Remember to be respectful with your words. Patience and understanding is one of the most important traits of coachable people. Losing your temper or being rude won’t get you anything in life. Instead, take your time and ask questions like a professional. If you treat your mentors with respect, they’ll gladly treat you the same way.

3. Be open to hearing feedback and criticism.

Here’s the part that truly challenges you: be ready and willing to hear feedback about your performance and attitude. It’s not an easy pill to swallow when someone notices your flaws.

Aside from being open, take the initiative to learn from your coaches. Be the one to take that first step and ask them for their feedback. Being coachable means actively looking for ways to become more effective and skilled.

4. Be active in your work.

Sometimes, you might notice that your coach or supervisor is busy. What should you do? Coachable people sees this as an opportunity to learn more. That means you should use this free time to expand your knowledge. Youcan walk around the office and observe how other people work. You can ask if anyone needs help and work with them, even if it’s not your department.

Traits of Coachable People Feedback And Criticism

There’s no harm in lending a hand; it can help you discover new skills or ideas to apply at work. One of the traits of coachable people is to step out of the comfort zone to learn new things. For instance, you might notice that some executives take time to learn new languages. Give it a try for yourself; check out what languages you’d like to speak. You might impress someone, perhaps a CEO, who speaks fluent Spanish or French someday!

5. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone.

Being coachable means realizing that you have to go beyond your safe space. You’ll face challenges that can test you more than any obstacle before. You might have to explore things you’ve never done or heard of before.

For example, you might need to spend a couple of days in a country you’ve never been to. You’ll likely have to learn local customs and phrases to move around and be respectful. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you can find new experiences you couldn’t imagine were possible. Sometimes, you might make a mistake; however, the fact that you tried is something to admire.

6. Be dedicated to the vision.

Whether it’s your vision or that of your mentor, being coachable means you are motivated to achieve it. In the same way that Phil Jackson and his basketball team envisioned championship gold, you should aim for the best outcome of any scenario. It could take several years to reach that goal. Prepare yourself for a long wait and always focus on your plan. Your goal will be within reach if you stick to your strategy. 

7. Be accountable.

To carry the traits of coachable people, you must be accountable for your actions. When you make a mistake, don’t be afraid to take responsibility. Everyone is fallible, no matter how prepared the plan is. That said, taking responsibility also means accepting any consequences that come your way. If you have to fix your slip-up, take it as a chance to redeem yourself. Above all else, remember to use your error as a teachable moment in your life. You’ll remember what to avoid the next time a similar issue occurs.

Traits of Coachable People Be Accountable

Conversely, take time to celebrate if you succeed in an ambitious goal. For example, your department managed to double its revenue for the month. You and your colleagues should recognize that kind of accomplishment. Use this chance to smile and celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

In addition, remember the people who’ve helped you along the way. Being accountable also means recognizing the efforts of your colleagues and mentors. It’s what makes teamwork practical and inspiring. The next time you see your coworker, take a few moments to thank them for their hard work.

8. Be ready to change.

Lastly, remember that being coachable means being ready to adapt. No matter how many years pass, you can always find something new to learn. Top executives and CEOs never stop educating themselves. Take that mentality and be open to learning new things about the world.

For example, explore the future of cryptocurrency and NFTs. You might find lucrative opportunities for yourself and your company. You can also examine digital marketing and other ad opportunities to expand your reach. There’s always another lesson waiting; take that first step and seek it out. 

In summary

Being coachable is a highly sought-after skill you can use to improve your career and life. It allows you to learn from experts and experienced professionals in your field of work. With the traits of coachable people, you can learn to experience new things and understand new strategies from a different perspective.

However, doing so requires the right mindset and attitude. Being coachable means you must accept that you don’t know enough. Once you recognize this, you can start to take steps to learn more and expand your skills. It’s a never-ending process and a fun way to challenge yourself to become the best you can be.

Traits of Coachable People Best Challenge Yourself

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