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Best Way to Increase Your Concentration In 5 Budget-Friendly Hacks

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best way to increase your concentration

It can be difficult to concentrate at work when there are so many distractions and obstacles you can’t help but notice. Noise, messy offices, and a large number of assignments are some well-known culprits of poor concentration. If you're wondering how to streamline your vision and accomplish your task without issue, then you’ll need to make serious lifestyle changes. What makes them the best way to increase your concentration? They’re easy to do and they won’t take a large chunk of your savings to fulfill.

The Best Way to Increase Your Concentration On a Tight Budget

Desk Organizers

Whether you work at your home office or at a cubicle, clutter is a frequent issue in these places. Different types of clutter exist, from unorganized paperwork to excessive decorations and knick-knacks. While you are allowed to customize your workspace, too much stuff can make it difficult to concentrate. Why is that the case?

Studies suggest that those with cluttered workspaces suffer from a visual reminder of their mess. It’s hard to focus when the area around you is untidy and chaotic. For example, women who lived in a messy household showed increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Those who worked in disorganized office spaces were discovered to snack more often, eating twice as many cookies as the average person. This doesn’t only exist for the workspace, too. People who sleep or live in messy bedrooms found it more difficult to fall asleep on time and to stay asleep when disturbed.

A lack of energy, impulsive behavior, and feelings of stress can build up and create feelings of emotional exhaustion and burnout. All of these problems could stem from leaving your desk in a bad state.

That’s why finding the right organizers can help you set things in order. It’s the best way to increase your concentration and keep your stuff neat and tidy. You might be worried about those expensive shelves or elaborate cabinets that cost too much for so little space.

Luckily, you can find several organizers and filing trays at affordable prices. For example, this $16 mesh wall file has five separate pockets to store all your important papers and documents. You can also buy these stackable wood drawer organizers for only $4 apiece.


Ear Plugs

Noise in the workplace is inevitable. The hustle and bustle of your job will bring out multiple sounds at once, such as the click of the keyboard buttons or the chatter of nearby colleagues. Some people like to drown out the noise by listening to playlists of popular tunes or videos of soothing melodies. For example, they may enjoy the sounds of rainfall and thunder as they finish their next project.

What you might not realize is that silence can be a powerful tool. Research has shown that human attention and focus can be disrupted by sounds at 80 decibels. While unpleasant sounds, such as traffic or dripping faucets, may be obvious, they aren’t the only culprits. Even words to your favorite song could divert your attention. On the other hand, a quiet and noise-free environment could lead to the development of new brain cells. 

Having more brain cells is the best way to increase your concentration. It results in more energy available for your mind’s focus, concentration, and cognitive thinking.

Switching to quieter workplaces, such as libraries and coffee shops, could make things easier. However, if you must be at a workplace, foam earplugs can cancel out the noise without disrupting work. Compared to other materials, foam can adapt to your ear shape better and can be easily replaced when damaged. For example, these $8 Moldex earplugs come at 25 pairs per package and use memory foam to fit snugly in your ears.

Notebooks and Note Trackers

Visual reminders of your tasks and objectives are spme of the best ways to increase your concentration at work. That’s why some people like to use whiteboards or sticky notes in their cubicles. These visual cues help them recall important information, such as the deadlines of upcoming projects or the times of special meetings.

A simple journal or notebook could be all you need to remember these details. For example, this $22 notebook comes with a table of contents and over 200 numbered pages for quick and easy reference. You could also switch over to notepad apps on your phone, like ColorNote, which offers custom color options to help you identify tasks according to your personal work system. It also provides cloud storage for all your notes for easy access to your devices.

Brain-Boosting Snacks

Snacking is a popular go-to behavior for those who work in the office. Some eat snacks to energize themselves for strenuous tasks and projects. Others use snacks to treat themselves as a reward for any successful assignments, both minor and major. However, some people enjoy snacking on the wrong things. While cookies and iced coffee are tasty, their short-term bursts of energy can quickly disappear. That’s not even including the amount of sugar and saturated fats used to make them.

For more energy and better performance, consider getting healthy snacks that boost your mind’s capabilities. You don’t even need to go to the store to buy expensive alternatives to your favorite chocolates. For example, packing two hard-boiled eggs provides you with a delicious treat full of choline, which can improve memory and reaction times. There’s also green tea, a good coffee substitute packed with healthy doses of caffeine, as well as an amino acid called L-theanine, which can enhance mental focus at work. With a quick bite, you’ll find these healthy treats are the best way to increase your concentration and keep your stomach happy.


Meditation Apps

Working for long periods of time is a recipe for disaster. By spending several hours at the computer or on the desk, your mind gets easily drained. You risk sleepiness, laziness, and emotional stress if you work for more than two hours without a rest. In addition, how you spend your break time is crucial to your productivity. For example, those who take naps could disrupt their circadian rhythm and confuse their body clocks.

The best way to increase your concentration with rest is through meditation. Workers who meditate regularly have an easier time refocusing on their tasks and re-energizing their brains. They also show improved stress control and cognitive processing. Furthermore, meditation can help you examine your current project with a new mindset or a different approach.

Choosing the right application for meditating can improve your focus while spending little to no cash. Those who are familiar with meditation might know Headspace. With over 70 million downloads, the app has a large video and audio library for sleep, yoga, and stress control classes. While the premium version allows customized classes and playlists, you can listen to several introductory classes and general guided meditation voiceovers for free.

After you manage to apply the hacks to increase your concentration, you can further improve your focus, check our latest video.

In summary

Finding ways to concentrate at work can be an affordable and enlightening experience. You can find simple, budget-friendly products that cancel out noise, organize your desk, and highlight your notes. By checking out these different products, you can save money and stay focused at work. With these budget-friendly choices, you’ll discover the best way to increase your concentration and keep your wallet from suffering.

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